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Fara Homidi Buffer BrushFara Homidi Buffer Brush
Fara HomidiBuffer Brush
This dual-sided brush effortlessly blends for a flattering barely-there finish.
Fara Homidi Lip BrushFara Homidi Lip Brush
Fara HomidiLip Brush
Use this lip brush for lip-liner-level precision or beautifully diffused color.
Saie The Double BrushSaie The Double Brush
This fluffy dual-ended brush helps highlight, sculpt, and conceal.
Westman AtelierLiquid Blender Brush
Handcrafted with ultrasoft bristles, this brush beautifully refines the finish of liquid makeup on skin.
SaieThe Big Brush
Swirl this brush into creams or liquids—it works beautifully with either texture to leave a velvety, natural-looking finish.
Westman AtelierSpot Check Brush
The pointed brush tip on this cruelty-free handcrafted-in-Japan brush makes applying concealer and touching up makeup practically effortless. 
Westman AtelierEye Shadow Brush I
Silkily soft yet precise, this handcrafted-in-Japan, cruelty-free brush makes eye shadow look and feel effortless.
Westman AtelierEye Shadow Brush II
Silkily soft yet precise, this handcrafted-in-Japan, cruelty-free, rounded, blending brush makes eye shadow look and feel effortless.
Westman AtelierBaby Blender Brush
This silky, handcrafted-in-Japan, cruelty-free blending brush makes applying cream blush so much easier.
Westman AtelierLip Brush
This soft yet precise lip brush, made by hand in Japan, is the ideal tool for crisp precision and intense color, as well as for softly staining lips.
Westman AtelierFoundation Brush
Made in Japan at the oldest brush-making company in the world, this silky foundation brush leaves the most flattering, barely there finish.
Westman AtelierBlender Brush
Cut at the perfect angle, this silky, cruelty-free highlighter brush was hand-made in Japan by the world’s oldest brush maker.
Westman AtelierPowder Brush
This super soft, handcrafted-in-Japan brush makes applying pressed bronzer, powder, or highlighter easy and precise.
Made of vegan leather in the gorgeously ethereal signature Saie lilac, this zippered makeup bag fits every essential (including brushes!) you could possibly need and then some. Sold Out

The Secret to Effortless Makeup? Brushes

Makeup brushes aren’t just for the pros—or people who wear a lot of makeup. They make applying makeup—at any skill level—much easier. Using a makeup brush helps effortlessly blend and build cream, powder, or liquid formulas with incredible precision so they work just as well for a natural, no-makeup look as they do for a full-on glam smokey eye. The best ones have high-performance bristles and intuitive handles like Westman Atelier’s or Otis Batterbee’s—which are both made with soft nylon bristles and birchwood handles.

Taking care of your brushes can really boost their performance and it’s simple. Clean them at least once a week to protect your skin from oil, dirt, and debris. Cleansing them regularly also preserves the brushes themselves, too so you can keep them in the best shape for longer.