For April, We Love a Chic New Matte Lipstick, a Lush Hair-Thickening Spritz, an Incredible Sunscreen, and More

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Updated on: April 1, 2024


Matte—but make it moisturizing. The new way to wear the ’90s texture is decidedly well-hydrated and fresh, with a finish more satin than the original at-times-chalky feel. The easiest way to slip into the trend is to smooth our just-launched water-cream over your bare skin—the texture and subtle glow have to be seen to be believed, and the hydration lasts for up to 72 hours.

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At the same time, makeup artist Gucci Westman has made perhaps the most glamorous matte (but moisturizing) lipstick of all time, and the new daily sunscreen from plastic surgeon Julius Few, MD, leaves a faintly gleamy matte finish on skin.


Jean Godfrey-June

Executive Beauty Director

New York makeup artist and beauty-juggernaut founder Gucci Westman’s stealth approach to chic never seems to fail her. She’s in jeans, she’s in a major dress—whatever look she chooses feels understated yet also so intentional as to be (quietly) dramatic.

So imagine the kind of hushed glamour she designed into her first proper lipstick. The substantial but light tube clicks like the door of an electric Mercedes (because: modern) and gleams like the hood ornament on a Bentley. Pulling it out of your bag, you feel both mysterious and powerful. But the lipstick itself—a gliding, rich, soft matte that has all the moisturizing goodness of great lip balm—delivers confidence in the way of perfectly fitted couture.

I wish I could pull off a bright red like the sumptuous Le Rouge, or the dark Uma Thurman–in–Pulp Fiction Lou Lou—both are stunning. What I can and do wear, constantly, is Je Rêve, a your-lips-but-far-more-chic nudish pink.

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I went to give a speech at the world-famous Canyon Ranch in Tucson, where the air is beautiful—and very dry. Dry air causes my normally wavy hair to straighten, of its own accord, into an ’80s-newscaster blowout. A blowout is just a terrible look on me—hairdressers talk me into it, and then I see the regret in their eyes when they’re done. If you’ve ever read the adorable and hilarious children’s book Dandelion, that’s the vibe. And in a dry climate, the blowout appears without the stylist or the blow-dryer.

Unless I really moisturize. I had samples of the new Augustinus Bader Rich shampoo and conditioner, so I tucked them in my bag and hoped for the best.

In the cavernous Canyon Ranch shower, though, there was a panic: Was the shampoo sample mislabeled? It was creamy, like a conditioner. And then the conditioner was a silky gel—like a shampoo. I squinted, I hemmed and hawed, but I went with it.

Encouragingly, the creamy shampoo foamed right up, and the conditioner felt amazing in my hair, which seemed instantly more supple, elastic, moisturized, and, well, rich. I finished with a little leave-in conditioner, also from Bader, and dashed to my next activity, a gorgeous hike in the already-strong morning sun, a prescription for overstraight hair if there ever was one. I returned to my chic casita and my jaw dropped: My usual waves cascaded around me as if I’d been lounging in the tropics. If it’s nourishing, softening, and shine you want, go for broke with The Rich.

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Megan O’Neill

Associate Beauty Director

“Wait, you’ve never tried the cacao mask from Klur?” asked a dead-serious Elizabeth Grace Hand. “It really smooths your pores, but it’s also amazing for dry skin.” When a New York facialist adored for sending clients home with glass skin raves about a formula, you make a beeline for it. The scent—a combination of chocolate and a gorgeous herbaceousness—is fantastic. The texture is heaven, too: The blend of alpha hydroxy acids, organic jojoba, Irish moss, calendula, and evening primrose oil is so silky. But the results are the thing—I leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse and my skin is bouncier and more luminous than I’ve ever seen it. (Klur’s founder was a makeup artist who worked with TLC—so cool—so it was basically her job to make skin look incredible instantly.)

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Some spring days are so extraordinary, with sunshine so brilliant and warm, that even if you have a major bone to pick with your spouse, you don’t. On one such day, we were out and about, feeling in love with our neighborhood, planet earth, and all its inhabitants. We parked ourselves on a bench outside a cute coffee shop and sat for what must have been over an hour, watching people go by in their languorous Sunday-morning way. Soaking up the sun had never felt so good, and I was completely at ease because I’d smoothed on plenty of my new favorite mineral sunscreen before we stepped out. It happens to be from world-famous plastic surgeon (and now master skin-care maker) Julius Few, MD, and it is perfection. Utterly invisible (like chemical-sunscreen invisible, but it’s 100 percent mineral), it feels light as air on skin. Though it’s swirled with nourishing emollients, it deposits a soft-touch finish that’s healthy-looking and gleamy. Major spring vibes—and I don’t even remember the bone I’d been planning to pick.

I mood-match my underwear in the mornings. If I’ve got lots of hurdles to jump at work or I’m feeling angsty, I dig around for a hot-pink pair. For a day that promises to be more mellow, I go for a pale ochre. When it’s a crack-of-dawn yoga morning, I choose plain, sleek black. It’s a tiny thing that takes a second to discern yet somehow fortifies me for what’s to come.

Massaging this delicate body balm over my calves, stomach, shoulders, and wherever else I’m dry takes next to no time but has a similarly powerful effect. It’s overflowing with the best skin-brightening ingredients: vitamin C, caffeine, and safou oil, which is extracted from safou fruit and is the balm’s skin-pampering secret. The whipped texture is beyond, the big tub it comes in feels fancy and fun to dip into, and it’s intensely moisturizing yet light. And the way it makes me feel—easy, supple, hydrated—sets me up for the day.

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Brianna Peters

Beauty Editor

What do you wear for a daylong “farm safari” in the south of Scotland? I was ready with Wellies and jeans—shaggy, apricot-colored Highland cows and fluffy baby lambs were on the agenda. It was cool, windy, and misty, so not an A-plus hair day—or so I thought. I air-dried my hair with one new step: this lightweight texturizing spritz. After smoothing in a teensy pump of leave-in conditioner, I sprayed the mist through my still-damp hair and that was it.

The blend of botanical extracts and ferments left my hair with just the right movement and softness, but with enough hold and weight to fortify my natural texture with body and waves. My hair looked almost as if I’d had it professionally styled—and it lasted all day long, even as I sloshed through mud and drizzle with my hair whipping in the wind. That night, we were invited to a seven-course dinner at an actual castle, so changing and getting ready definitely took some time. But my hair needed literally nothing—and looked voluminous and tousled against my long Altuzarra dress.

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Squeezed into a booth with my friends at Coqodaq, a buzzing Korean fried-chicken spot in Flatiron, I sipped champagne and ate caviar chicken nuggets, cold noodles with seaweed, and banchan. I like to get glammed up for a girls’ night out, so I’d brought this new dusty-nude-rose (and exclusive-to-goop) shade of Westman Atelier’s bestselling liquid lip balm. Everyone had to know what it was: Called Petal, it’s a subtle color that makes my blue eyes pop and my whole face look luminous. The gleamy finish feels weightless and nourishing (it’s made with jojoba, almond, and argan oils), and the wide, pillowy-soft paddle-foot delivers tons of shine with gorgeous texture and opacity in one swipe. I love it so much that I’m already halfway through the sleek tube (and my friends all ordered one, too).

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