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Janessa Leone Felix Bucket HatJanessa Leone Felix Bucket Hat
Janessa LeoneFelix Bucket Hat
Sun protection, but make it chic.
Janessa Leone Waverly HatJanessa Leone Waverly Hat
Janessa LeoneWaverly Hat
The wide, flexible brim can be shaped to your liking.
Janessa Leone Savannah FedoraJanessa Leone Savannah Fedora
Janessa LeoneSavannah Fedora
As classic as they come.
Janessa LeoneHamilton Hat with Hat Carrier
The beauty of this hat? You can roll it up and pack it, and it’ll spring back into shape.
Janessa LeoneSimone Fedora
Go dark.
Janessa LeoneRaleigh Hat
Proudly made from sustainable, cruelty-free wool.
Janessa LeoneValentine Fedora
A packable, wide-brimmed straw hat. Yes, you read that right.
Crafted with breathable technical layers.
Crafted with breathable technical layers.
Janessa LeoneWalker Hat
The organic cotton canvas is nicely structured.
Lack of ColorKid's Wave Bucket Hat
An extra layer of sun protection for sensitive young skin.Sold Out