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vitruvi Sleep Essential Oil Blendvitruvi Sleep Essential Oil Blend
Smells like fresh linen.
vitruvi Warm Linen Air Freshener Spraysvitruvi Warm Linen Air Freshener Sprays
A clean air freshener that smells fantastic—like vanilla and lavender.
vitruvi Moonbeam Essential Oil Blendvitruvi Moonbeam Essential Oil Blend
A blend of wild orange, rose, jasmine, and ho wood.
vitruviCloud Humidifier
A sleek humidifier that’s nearly silent and easy to clean.
vitruviRest Kit
Relax and unwind.
vitruviMove Diffuser
A cordless essential oil diffuser that goes with you: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, wherever.
The basics, done right.
Our favorite diffuser, now in a goop-exclusive French grey.
Warm air and moonlight.
vitruviStone Diffuser
HEALTHY HOME SCENT: The fan-favorite diffuser.
de MamielAltitude Oil
For when things are up in the air.
vitruviGlow Diffuser
This diffuser doubles as a nightlight.
vitruviThe Goop Bundle
Four essential scents in one custom set.Sold Out
A close second to forest bathing.Sold Out
The Quiet BotanistSage Bundle
A white sage smudge stick tied with pretty hand-foraged botanicals.Sold Out

The Aromatherapy Shop

We’ve stocked our shop with clean essential oils like fresh bergamot, eucalyptus, chamomile, spruce, and frankincense. And they’re magic for shifting your mood. That’s what’s so special about aromatherapy: Because scent is so closely tied to memory, essential oils can help cultivate specific feelings—grounding you, soothing you after a long day, or transporting you to a different time and place.

Using Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
Aromatherapy starts with a delivery system—usually a diffuser of some kind to help disperse essential oils into the air. Using a diffuser is straightforward: Just drop in a bit of water and a few drops of oils, press go, and let it stream the pretty scents of whatever plant you’ve chosen. Pick one made of sleek stone when you’re hanging out in one place, or go for a wireless model that charges on a dock and can then move with you throughout the day. Some alternative delivery methods include essential oil burners and incense, which use heat instead of steam to spread scent throughout a room, and aromatherapy roll-ons and massage oils that you can stash in your bag, coat pockets—wherever.

How to Choose Essential Oils
Aromatherapy with lavender can be soothing when you’re experiencing stress. Grapefruit oil is the yang to lavender’s yin. Or pick a blend that’s been carefully formulated for moments when you want to uplift or unwind. The aromatherapy products here don’t just smell good—they’re vetted for quality and safety, too. (That’s what our scientific and regulatory portal is for.)
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