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Equipment to level up home workouts, studio runs, and casual laps around the block.

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Therabody Multi-Device Wireless ChargerTherabody Multi-Device Wireless Charger
A wireless charging dock for your Therabody devices.
FRAME Fitness Pilates ReformerFRAME Fitness Pilates Reformer
FRAME FitnessPilates Reformer
A small-space-friendly Reformer that streams classes, too.
Therabody TheraCupTherabody TheraCup
An at-home cupping device with vibration and gentle heat.
HigherDOSEInfrared Sauna Blanket V4
Infrared sauna for one: sweat, relax, and recharge.
HigherDOSEInfrared PEMF Mat
Experience the magic of infrared without the intense sweat session.
TherabodyPowerDot 2.0 Duo
These electrical stimulation pads are designed to help temporarily relieve muscle pain due to strain from everyday activities and can be used just about anywhere.
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Gentle eye massage for all-day screen-starers.
The simplest, gentlest way to DIY cupping at home.
One pound can make a world of difference.
These blocks feel better under your hands than rectangular ones do.
HigherDOSEInfrared PEMF Go Mat
A foldable, half-sized infrared mat that goes wherever you do.
TherabodyTheragun Mini 2.0
A pocket-size percussive massager—now in a pretty rose hue.
A simple tool for lower back flexibility, hip mobility, and alignment.
TherabodyTheragun Sense
A compact Theragun with companion breathwork exercises.
BalaBala Bands
Resistance bands that go as hard as you do.
b halfmoon3lb Helix Weights
The cutest-ever three-pound weights.
The rope that tracks your jump count and displays it in midair.
TherabodyRecoveryTherm Cube
Precision hot and cold therapy for athletic recovery.

Luxury Home Workout Equipment

Physical exercise is just one piece of the wellness puzzle—and as we lean toward joyful, intuitive movement, we find that certain workout essentials level up the practices we’re into. We’ve outfitted our workout shop with equipment for home workouts, gym runs, casual laps around the block, and restorative yoga and meditation sessions. Which means: yoga mats and blocks, wellness trackers, Pilates equipment, chic hand and ankle weights, and the recovery tools that make a big difference. (Hello, percussive massagers, infrared mats, and foam rollers.) Of course, trust that the goop philosophy runs strong here—we stock our workout shop with only the exercise tools and accessories that are really that good. This is the gear worth carting back and forth to the studio and the stuff we’ve used to build out our own home gyms, whether that’s a tricked-out dedicated space or a teensy corner chiseled out of the living room. Oh, and if you’re wondering what we have going on in our own spaces: We made a guide for how to create a home gym of your own.