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R+D.LAB Luisa Acqua Glasses, Set of 2
Hand-blown in Italy from borosilicate glass.
R+D.LAB Luisa Calice, Set of 2
Those elongated pear-shaped stems look so elegant.
R+D.LAB Luisa Acqua Glasses, Set of 2
That fine-ribbed borosilicate glass is dishwasher-safe and thermal-shock-resistant.
R+D.LABVelasca Carafe, 1L
Inspired by modernist architecture.
The charming shape makes every sip feel special.
Sip happens.
Blown from borosilicate glass, these delicate artisan-made goblets are actually quite durable.
For a buttery Chardonnay or a zesty Chablis…
Cute dimples.
Add a bottle of Bordeaux and you’ve got the perfect hostess gift.
Cheers! Salud! Santé!
Whisper-thin crystal finished with delicate pinstripes: straight-up gorgeous.
Roman and Williams GuildKH Würtz Stoneware Teapot
Thrown and glazed in a Nordic pottery studio.
Great for pouring prebatched cocktails or displaying farmers’ market flowers.