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G. Label by goop Vasco Pavé-Loop Bangle​G. Label by goop Vasco Pavé-Loop Bangle​
G. Label by goopVasco Pavé-Loop Bangle​
Elegant on its own and even more so in a stack.
Melissa Kaye Lola Needle Link Bracelet
Melissa KayeLola Needle Link Bracelet
Sew pretty.
Renato Cipullo Vite BraceletRenato Cipullo Vite Bracelet
Renato CipulloVite Bracelet
The oversized screwhead makes a statement.
Renato CipulloArmonia Bracelet
A fresh take on the ultrapopular screwhead motif.
Both sleek and substantial.
Sheryl LowePavé Diamond ID Bracelet
A glamorous twist on a classic style.
Jenna BlakeMorse Code Bracelet
A cute and colorful addition to any wrist stack.
Rainbow KPiercing Bracelet
The white-diamond-encrusted annulet is a small but impactful design detail.
One way to keep your crystals close.
Update your wrist stack.
The faceted beads sparkle in the sun.
Somewhere between grounded and glamorous.
Lizzie MandlerSingle-Row Cleo Bracelet
At once masculine and feminine, familiar and fresh.
TabayerLarge Pavé Oera Bracelet
Inspired by modernist sculpture, this bracelet has a satisfying heft.
TabayerOera Bracelet
Notice how one end is set with a sparkly (Kimberley-certified) diamond.
DaphineVita Bracelet
Hi, shine.
DaphineKaur Bangle
Designed in collaboration with British stylist Monikh Dale.
Annika InezSmall Heart Link Bracelet
Wear your heart on your wrist.