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Loftie Loftie Alarm ClockLoftie Loftie Alarm Clock
LoftieLoftie Alarm Clock
Meditations, sound baths, and breathwork in bed.
Marshall Acton III SpeakerMarshall Acton III Speaker
MarshallActon III Speaker
All about that bass.
Metier Beach BlanketMetier Beach Blanket
MetierBeach Blanket
Handloomed from GOTS-certified cotton yarn and finished with a water-resistant coating.
Form, meet function: This sleek air purifier wipes out 99 percent of pollutants in just an hour.
Smart and stylish, it senses the air quality in the room and auto-adjusts its fan speed accordingly.
Worth the weight.
This twenty-pound blanket simulates the calming effects of deep pressure touch.
FOR SMOOTH HAIR: This pure mulberry-silk pillow qualifies as a full-on beauty treatment, helping to discourage split ends—and encourage smooth skin.
SeasonsAero SM Diffuser
Waterless, heatless, and capable of diffusing scent through an entire apartment.
Gentle, plant-based laundry staples to help clothes and linens live longer.
Johnstons of ElginChildren’s Pyramid Blanket​
The kind of blanket that’ll be handed down over generations.
TulipThe Tulip Box
A lockbox for jars, tubes, carts, and lighters.
EldvarmEmma Basket
Use it to stash firewood—or blankets, or toys, or magazines, or…
Everything you need to get a blaze going.
goop x FoundRaeLobmeyr Inner Light Vase
A limited-edition crystal vase, created to celebrate 15 years of goop.
Lisa YangAmsterdam Cushion
Adds dimension to any sofa, sectional, or armchair.
A sleek lockbox with airtight jars, tubes, and a tray. 
Paradise RowLeather Tennis Racquet Cover
Our other favorite court look.