goop holiday gift guide
goop holiday gift guide
the 2019

goop Holiday
Gift Guides

For your holiday-shopping pleasure:
the fruits of an entire year’s worth of
our gift-researching labor.

  1. wellness junkie gift guide
    wellness junkie gift guide

    The Wellness
    Gift Guide

    Not to toot our own pelvic floor trainer,
    but this is where we shine.

  2. under $100 gift guide
    under $100 gift guide

    The Under-$100

    Gift Guide

    Forty gadgets, clean products, and little
    pleasures galore to guarantee no
    stocking goes unstuffed.

  3. men gift guide
    men gift guide

    The Men’s Gift Guide

    All the tech his heart desires,
    plus brilliant outliers
    that go
    beyond the obvious.

  4. ridiculous but awesome gift guide
    ridiculous but awesome gift guide

    The Ridiculous
    Awesome Gift Guide

    A trip to space, because hot-air
    rides are so last year.

  5. cook gift guide
    cook gift guide

    The Cook’s
    Gift Guide

    At a time of year when their skills are
    on full display, all the tools of the trade
    to really let them dazzle.

  6. gifts for the one who has everything
    gifts for the one who has everything

    Gifts for the
    Who Has

    Mother-in-laws, finicky BFFs, bosses
    you love, and bosses you…don’t
    love—perfect presents for the hardest
    to shop for live here.

  7. kids gift guide
    kids gift guide

    The Kid’s Gift Guide

    Much like the whims of tiny recipients, presents for the under-eighteen set can be head-scratchers. We focused on those that are especially fun to buy (and unwrap).

  8. traveler gift guide
    traveler gift guide

    The Traveler’s

    Gift Guide

    Use this list for gifting the serial
    traveler—or filling out your own
    personal bucket list.

  9. lover gift guide
    lover gift guide

    The Lover’s Gift Guide

    Gifts that give (and give, and give,
    and give, and give…).

  10. host gift guide
    host gift guide

    The Host’s
    Gift Guide

    To: The host with the most.
    From: The guest with the best (gifts).