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Editors’ Picks: A Wedding Gift Guide

Couples who are meant for each other almost always have something of a vibe. So the question to ask before any wedding—long before details about what to wear and what sort of toast to give—is simply: What kind of couple are they? Are they always out on their tricked-out catamaran or huddled over a table at a romantic restaurant? Are they throwing epic parties, conquering mountains, or Netflixing and soaking in the tub at home? Know your couple and setting them up with the perfect gift is easy.

Are They…

Major Entertainers?

  1. goop Home 10-Piece Cookware Set, goop, $300
    goop Home 10-Piece Cookware Set goop, $300

    Outfit the newlyweds’ whole kitchen with these 10 stunning hero pieces, all of them made with GreenPan’s clean, nontoxic, nonstick, dishwasher-safe Thermolon Minerals Pro technology and done in creamy ecru with gold finishings.

  2. goop x Social Studies Dinner Plate, goop, $45
    goop x Social Studies Dinner Plate goop, $45

    Done in an exquisite goop-exclusive motif of lush blooms, this made-in-Japan porcelain dinner plate fits in spectacularly with any style (and any existing dishware assortment). These joy-inducing florals are made to be seen (there are salad plates, too, if you’re feeling extra generous).

  3. Alexis Steelwood Charcuterie Board, goop, $250
    Alexis Steelwood Charcuterie Board goop, $250

    A giant serving board handcrafted from gorgeous reclaimed wood? We can’t think of a better gift. This octagonal board is the ultimate kitchen multitasker—for chopping, serving, slicing, anything. Made in a serves-the-whole-party size, it’s the prettiest way to up their charcuterie game.

  4. Mepra Dolce Vita 2-Piece Salad Set, goop, $180
    Mepra Dolce Vita 2-Piece Salad Set goop, $180

    Crafted in ultradurable stainless steel, these exquisite pieces from Mepra are beautifully ergonomic, so they’re easy to hold and use. Streamlined and gleamy, with classic curved ends, they’re made in Italy—and made to last.

  5. Staub 5.5 QT Round Cocotte, goop, $350
    Staub 5.5 QT Round Cocotte goop, $350

    From slow-roasting to stewing to serving, this cocotte is an all-around MVP (most valuable pot)—and now it comes in chic black enamel that can go straight from stove to table.

  6. Estelle Stemless Glasses, Set of 6, goop, $160
    Estelle Stemless Glasses, Set of 6 goop, $160

    These elegant hand-blown stemless blush wineglasses make any occasion feel extra celebratory, whether you’re having wine, a fancy cocktail, or sparkling water. The lucky recipients will have a reason to celebrate every time they open their cabinets.

  7. Baroncini Import & Co. Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, goop, $60
    Baroncini Import & Co. Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil goop, $60

    Give a year’s worth of this next-level olive oil and they’ll think of you every time they cook (or eat—it’s amazing to drizzle over practically anything). Made with a combination of Nocellara del Belice olives, an ancient Sicilian variety (dating back to 3000 BCE), and Cerasuola olives, a typical variety of the region—all pressed within hours of being picked—it is heaven in a bottle.

  8. Smithey Ironware Co. Carbon Steel Farmhouse Skillet, goop, $275
    Smithey Ironware Co. Carbon Steel Farmhouse Skillet goop, $275

    Inspired by eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American blacksmith designs, this skillet is done in a preseasoned, hand-forged carbon steel. It’s so beautiful, they’ll never want to put it away (we recommend a hanging rack). Its performance rivals that of the much-loved cast iron, but unlike cast iron, it’s extremely lightweight (only about five pounds). And the hammered handle is a gorgeous finishing touch.


Beachy Picnickers?

  1. Business & Pleasure Co. Hammock, goop, $299
    Business & Pleasure Co. Hammock goop, $299

    They’ll lounge in (and love) this perfect-for-two hammock forever—it’s made of the same canvas as the company’s amazing beach umbrellas, with added interior padding and quilting. So reclining on it feels sort of like floating in a plush cocoon. It’s close to three and a half feet wide and just over seven feet long, with teakwood framing and that signature cotton fringe. It even comes with a carrying case.

  2. The Cube Portable Grill, goop, $199
    Everdure The Cube Portable Grill goop, $199

    Rooftops. Campsites. Beach cabanas. The Cube is a safe, portable way to fire up the charcoal grill just about anywhere. Meaning that your picnic menus just got way more exciting. There’s even a prep table and storage tray stacked on top of the grill, so you can get your mise en place on before firing up the coal.

  3. Crow Canyon Home Vintage 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, goop, $138
    Crow Canyon Home Vintage 16-Piece Dinnerware Set goop, $138

    These vintage-inspired enamel dishes are entirely handmade—by which we mean the steel is actually hand-dipped in porcelain, then hand-painted after the piece has been fired in the kiln. The enamel is nonstick and dishwasher-safe (so easy to clean). And in clean white with those chic rims, this 16-piece set is as brilliant for the beach as it is for something fancier—it’s effortless to dress up for more formal occasions.

  4. Business & Pleasure Co. Premium Beach Umbrella, goop, $299
    Business & Pleasure Co. Premium Beach Umbrella goop, $299

    This umbrella spans six feet—meaning six feet of luxurious shade (practically heaven on a hot day)—with thick cotton fringe trimming the pink-striped canopy. The sturdy seven-foot pole is made of reclaimed timber, with a marine-grade aluminum handle and hinge (to direct the shade where it’s needed most). And it all packs up neatly in a matching canvas carrier.

  5. Tala The Muse - Portable Light, goop, $325
    Tala The Muse – Portable Light goop, $325

    This sleekly modern, supremely atmospheric weatherproof lamp is LED-battery-operated, so you can place it on a picnic blanket or outdoor table and bring the vibes without cords. It’s even equipped with a dimmer so you can lighten and brighten to set whatever mood you’re after (and we love the brass hardware).


Incurable Romantics?

  1. Emporio Sirenuse Sun Dinner Plate, goop, $150
    Emporio Sirenuse Sun Dinner Plate goop, $150

    The white-and-blue painted swirls on these hefty ceramic plates instantly transport us to the sun-soaked setting that inspired it: the Amalfi Coast (more specifically, Le Sirenuse, brand founder Carla Sersale’s iconic, wildly luxurious boutique hotel overlooking the sea). Handmade and hand-painted by artisans in Italy, the plates are dishwasher-safe, and they make anything—from an incredible pasta to a few stalks of asparagus—infinitely more appetizing.

  2. Lobmeyr Alhambra Water Pitcher, goop, $731
    Lobmeyr Alhambra Water Pitcher goop, $731

    This has to be the prettiest way ever to serve any drink—lemonade, iced tea, signature cocktails, or just plain water. The whimsical animals and swirling botanical design were inspired by the Jarra vase at the Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain, then handcrafted by artisans from mouth-blown glass in Vienna, Austria. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Lobmeyr, the family-owned brand that’s been creating exquisite glassware since 1823.

  3. The Maker Spiritus Candle, goop, $75
    The Maker Spiritus Candle goop, $75

    A fleet of these candles will make anyone’s house smell—and feel—absolutely incredible. Airily sophisticated eucalyptus, frankincense, cannabis, palo santo, vanilla, cedar, and ginger combine in the enchanting scent, created by the founders of Fresh (The Maker is their new venture, along with their unbelievably romantic hotel). And the thick, ribbed glass catches the flickering light in the most flat-out beautiful way.

  4. Richard Brendon Star-Cut Coupe Glasses, Set of 2, goop, $225
    Richard Brendon Star-Cut Coupe Glasses, Set of 2 goop, $225

    There are flutes, and then there are coupes fashioned from stunning, mouth-blown crystal and etched with a bevy of twinkling stars strewn all over. Taking inspiration from the Jazz Age, these are a little bit Gatsby and a whole lot chic. Break them out at dinner, save them for the 10-9-8 countdown, or clink them from a steamy tub.



  1. Pala Ceramics Carafe & Pour Over Coffee Set, goop, $120
    Pala Ceramics Carafe & Pour Over Coffee Set goop, $120

    It’s hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous hand-thrown, hand-glazed carafe and pour-over cone set. It turns the undertaking of making coffee into a meditative ritual (there’s something refreshingly low-tech about the pour-over way), the colorful pattern is a rustic kitchen flourish (the artist, Oakland-based Chinzalée Sonami, draws on her French Tibetan roots for inspiration), and it’s easy to tuck into a bag for a long-weekend escape. Bonus points for presenting it with a bag of the best coffee.

  2. Zwilling Glass Drip Coffee Maker, goop, $200
    Zwilling Glass Drip Coffee Maker goop, $200

    This smart drip coffee maker marries an elegant, minimal design (we see you, fluted water reserve) with Zwilling’s thoughtful engineering and high-performance technology to ensure the perfect brew, every time. The “blooming” function evenly covers coffee grounds with hot water, which releases carbon dioxide before steeping begins for a more balanced, less sour taste. Plus, the 12-cup stainless-steel boiler doesn’t alter flavor the way traditional copper and aluminum boilers can, which we think is just brew-ti-ful.

  3. goop Fair Trade Specialty Coffee, goop, $28
    goop Fair Trade Specialty Coffee goop, $28

    Delicately balanced with floral, peach, and honey notes, this fragrant medium-roast arabica coffee is one of the most delightful ways to wake up in the morning. The beans are grown in the Planadas, Tolima, region of Colombia by Astrid Medina—an award-winning, third-generation coffee grower and a leader in a male-dominated industry (she won the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition in 2015)—then roasted stateside by our friends at Common Room Roasters in Newport Beach, California. Add a splash of your favorite alt milk (we prefer oat) or sip it black—either way, it’s straight-up delicious.

  4. Zwilling Milk Frother, goop, $100
    Zwilling Milk Frother goop, $100

    A frothy, foamy, cloudlike layer of floating oat milk transforms their morning coffee. This frother whips any type of milk into thick lusciousness (and automatically turns off when it’s done frothing—so easy) so that an espresso, a matcha, a chai latte, or any cozy drink tastes barista-level incredible. It’s one of those glorious gifts that are as useful as they are lavish.

  5. Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle, goop, $159
    Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle goop, $159

    Chic and sleek, this electric kettle looks stunning on the counter, but it’s also got adjustable temperature control, ranging from 135°F to 212°F (with both Fahrenheit and Celsius settings), an LCD display showing the temperature as the water heats, and a 60-minute temperature-hold mode. And besides looking good, the graceful gooseneck spout is designed for the smoothest, most precise pour.

  6. Roman and Williams Guild Kaneko Kohyo Rinka Mug, goop, $50
    Roman and Williams Guild Kaneko Kohyo Rinka Mug goop, $50

    From Roman and Williams—the design firm founded by Gwyneth’s favorite designing couple—these mugs were handmade at Kaneko Kohyo, a 100-year-old ceramics workshop that originally specialized in Shinto and Buddhist altarpieces. The glazed blush-pink porcelain mimics the warm, rustic look of hand-formed clay. The curved handle fits comfortably in your hand, and they’re microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

  7. Loftie Loftie Alarm Clock, goop, $149
    Loftie Loftie Alarm Clock goop, $149

    For the best sleep, leaving your phone outside your bedroom is key. Loftie is the no-excuses alarm clock with (of course) an alarm, night light (the warm kind, not the blue kind), and speaker, but it’s the extras that make breaking up with your phone before bed easier: Loftie comes with a library of white noise options, as well as a media center packed with meditations, sound baths, breathwork, and stories. You can even sync your own content to the clock.

  8. Courant Catch 2 Wireless Charger, goop, $150
    Courant The Catch 2 Wireless Charger goop, $150

    The swiftest way to up the remote-work game? This dual wireless charging station, which proves that function and fashion can coexist. Forget fussing with cords—the best part about The Catch is that you can rest your iPhone, earbuds, et al. on this bed of butterscotch Italian leather and grab and go as you please. Suggested use: nightstands, home offices, and kitchen countertops.



  1. goop Beauty “The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak, goop, $40
    goop Beauty “The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak goop, $40

    This body-and-spirit-centering bath soak is how Gwyneth winds down at the end of the day. Infused with pink Himalayan salt, it helps take the edge off during turbulent times or after a crazy day—and it’s a great bath to share. Called “The Martini” after the traditional name for the last take of the day in filmmaking, the soak is made with pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts, chia-seed oil, passionflower, valerian root, myrrh, Australian sandalwood, and wild-crafted frankincense. You get three full servings in one bag; give them a generous supply and we all but guarantee a happy first year.

  2. Zadro Luxury Towel Warmer, goop, $160
    Zadro Luxury Towel Warmer goop, $160

    What’s better than cocooning yourself in a fresh towel when you step out of the shower? Cocooning yourself in a fresh, warm towel. For that straight-from-the-dryer feel, this warmer has a single temperature setting that evenly heats your towels (or bathrobes, or blankets, or socks) inside and out. You can time it to 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes; once it’s done, it turns off automatically. And when it doesn’t need to be plugged in, the power cord can be stored neatly in the base for safe (read: trip-free) keeping.

  3. Bearaby Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket, 15 lbs., goop, $249
    Bearaby Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket, 15 lbs. goop, $249

    Naturally weighted with thick organic cotton yarn, the Napper is designed to mimic the calming effects of deep touch pressure (it feels like being hugged or cuddled). And unlike other weighted blankets, which are often filled with glass or synthetic beads that make noise when you move around, this soft, breathable, hand-knit version is totally silent—not to mention totally machine-washable.

  4. Baina Organic Cotton Towel Set, goop, $240
    Baina Organic Cotton Towel Set goop, $240

    Stacks of fresh, new, ultraplush towels make a pretty much foolproof gift; these organic, sage-green towels are beautifully made in Portugal, with two luxurious towels and a cute checkered bath mat in each set.

  5. Morrow Organic Matte Sateen Sheet Set, goop, $219
    Morrow Organic Matte Sateen Sheet Set goop, $219

    The sheer softness of this sheet set belongs in a category all its own. The matte sateen is brilliantly smooth and shine-free, and the OEKO-TEX- and GOTS-certified organic cotton feels wondrously breathable, whether you like to burrow in for the night or just want a light cover. Plus, it’s dyed using the CPB method (an energy-saving technique that eliminates the need for specialty chemicals), so it’s better for you and for the planet.

  6. We-Vibe Date Night Set, goop, $199
    We-Vibe Date Night Set goop, $199

    This set includes one vibrator for the vulva and one for the penis. First up: Nova 2, a rabbit-shaped vibrator for the vulva. The long head allows you to shape the angle just right for your G-spot, and the short head is bendy, letting you keep it in continuous contact with your clitoris as you explore different levels of penetration. Each head has its own motor that you can control independently, with 10 vibrational patterns and 13 intensity levels. And a partner can join in from across the room (or across the globe) via the We-Vibe app. Second, Pivot is a penis ring with powerful, rumbly vibrations. It’s soft, stretchy, and comfortable—just add a bit of lube to slide it on—and it fits snugly between partners during penetrative sex. There’s one simple button on the device itself to switch between modes, or you can use the We-Vibe app. Both toys are waterproof and made from body-safe silicone that feels smooth and gentle on the skin and have rechargeable batteries that last up to two hours on a charge.


Game-Night People?

  1. Edie Parker Checkers in Rose Quartz, goop, $1,895
    Edie Parker Checkers in Rose Quartz goop, $1,895

    So striking it deserves a spot on their coffee table 24/7/365, this game set check(er)s all the boxes. Critical checker storage on each end. Hand-poured acrylic in pretty rose quartz. Plus: a chic profile that’s deserving of prime bookshelf real estate. Just add martinis.

  2. CasaCarta The Eye Backgammon Set, goop, $330
    CasaCarta The Eye Backgammon Set goop, $330

    This clear Lucite backgammon set has to be one of the best-looking ever—modern and design-forward and, coolest of all, finished with tiny turquoise evil eyes trailing down the center, which are meant to protect against bad spirits and, in the case of a competitive game, bad luck.

  3. Esther Perel Where Should We Begin - A Game of Stories, goop, $40
    Esther Perel Where Should We Begin – A Game of Stories goop, $40

    Our favorite intimacy-intensifying couples game of all time—it’s called Where Should We Begin?, and relationship expert Esther Perel dreamed it up during the pandemic as a way to foster connection in a time, as she says, “of social atrophy”—is easily adapted into a totally PG one that’s incredible for family and friend gatherings. In either case, the game’s many brilliant questions prompt lots of laughter, revelations, and, of course, great stories.

  4. Richard Brendon Diamond Double Old Fashioned, goop, $147
    Richard Brendon Diamond Double Old Fashioned goop, $147

    Hand-cut just outside London, this is some of the very finest crystal drinkware. The timeless diamond detailing is beautiful, especially when the light hits it, making Richard Brendon’s entire set an heirloom to last and love for generations. (A complete set is one of the more generous wedding gifts we can think of.) This double old-fashioned glass takes an impressive amount of time and skill to create, and it’s stunning for straight liquor or cocktails on the rocks.

  5. La DoubleJ Dinner Plates, Set of 2, goop, $155
    La DoubleJ Dinner Plates, Set of 2 goop, $155

    These hand-painted, gold-trimmed porcelain plates designed with iconic La DoubleJ prints elevate any tablescape. There are two plates in each set—a salad size and a main—and each design is inspired by vintage Italian patterns dating back to 1905 for a special, one-of-a-kind feel.

  6. The Roman and Williams Guild cofounder originally made this candlestick on a lathe for his wife (the other cofounder), and she liked it so much that they decided to make it for the public in silver-plated brass. Buy a couple or mix and match with the other heights—anything goes.

    Roman and Williams Guild Reed Candlestick 4.25”, goop, $370
    Roman and Williams Guild Reed Candlestick 4.25″ goop, $370
  7. Roman and Williams Guild Reed Candlestick 2.5”, goop, $280
    Roman and Williams Guild Reed Candlestick 2.5″ goop, $280

Green Thumbs?

  1. Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse, goop, $239
    Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse goop, $239

    Grow herbs, leafy greens, succulents, and more on a kitchen countertop using full-spectrum LED technology. The light is a blend of wavelengths to support seed starting, plant growth, and flowering; it’s also watertight, automatic (manage the daily lighting schedule from an app on your phone), and remarkably stylish (finished in a brass plating). All you need to get started? Seeds or seedlings, water, and a little bit of TLC—no green thumb required.

  2. Balmuda The Lantern, goop, $149
    BALMUDA Balmuda The Lantern goop, $149

    With adjustable settings to match the ambience of the moment—from alfresco dinners and after-dark strolls to reading in bed—the Lantern is a beautiful, lightweight, water-resistant design that will light your way wherever the night takes you. The light source is hidden so it won’t shine directly into your eyes, and with options like flickering candle, amber, and warm white, it’s a romantic addition to any evening.

  3. Hamama Microgreen Starter Kit, goop, $39
    Hamama Microgreen Starter Kit goop, $39

    Here, all the tools they need to get growing: grow tray, seeds, and how-to instructions for the least green-thumbed among us. Stick it on a kitchen windowsill for the best light and watch, amazed, as those teeny little seedlings start to sprout.

  4. Marloe Marloe Stevie Vase, goop, $340
    Marloe Marloe Stevie Vase goop, $340

    Where to display the fruits of their labors: this tall vase that blends organic curves with sharp edges. Handmade and polished to perfection, it comes in either a rich metallic gunmetal or a pebble-textured cream. It’s the perfect minimalist accent piece, somehow understated and showstopping at once—with or without the flowers.



  1. Equal Parts The Cookware Set, goop, $325
    Equal Parts The Cookware Set goop, $325

    The ceramic coating on each piece will help perfect your fried-egg-to-bread slide—and it keeps your food free of chemicals that don’t belong in the kitchen, like PTFE and PFOA. When you’re not frying, sautéing, saucing, or simmering, all four pieces nest neatly for smart storage. Plus, the oven-safe set comes in colors like jet black and baby blue, so there’s a shade for every kitchen color scheme.

  2. Cushion Lab Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow, goop, $75
    Cushion Lab Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow goop, $75

    Designed by ergonomists, this something-of-a-miracle pillow cradles the head and supports the natural curve of the neck, encouraging proper alignment so you don’t wake up with kinks. Made of medium-firm memory foam, it has a mesh inner layer that circulates air out and away (got you covered, hot sleepers) and comes with a removable organic cotton cover. Best part: The unique shape works for both back and side sleepers.

  3. goop x GreenPan Blush Padova 10-Piece Set, goop, $400
    goop x GreenPan Blush Padova 10-Piece Set goop, $400

    This set of pro-grade pots and pans—updated in the most beautiful blush pink (made exclusively for us, we might add)—is essential for clean cooking. GreenPan makes the best nontoxic, eco-friendly, nonstick ceramic cookware out there: Unlike conventional nonstick cookware, which can contain chemicals and pollutants, GreenPan’s Thermolon coating is made without PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium; it resists damage and never releases harmful fumes, even if you accidentally overheat your pan. In addition to being safer for you and for the environment, the durable (and dishwasher-safe), hard-anodized aluminum nonstick coating makes for remarkably even heat distribution. And how gorgeous are those gold-toned handles?

  4. Richard Brendon Georgian Lillies Reflect Teacup & Saucer Set, goop, $285
    Richard Brendon Georgian Lilies Reflect Teacup & Saucer Set goop, $285

    Painted with a classic design popularized by King George III and Queen Charlotte back in the late eighteenth century (and known to this day as Royal Lily), this mismatched gold-on-blue set puts a fresh spin on the concept with a butterfly and caterpillars painted into the well of the saucer (the part that cradles the cup). It’s all handmade from bone china in Stoke-on-Trent, a city with a centuries-old reputation for exceptional ceramic craftsmanship—a nod to its rich historic roots.

  5. Emile Henry Bread Cloche, goop, $140
    Emile Henry Bread Cloche goop, $140

    Designed over the course of two research-filled years, this made-in-France ceramic cloche mimics the shape of a domed oven to ensure your bake gets the ideal amount of humidity. The result? Moist, melts-in-your-mouth bread with an achingly flawless crust. And once your loaves are sorted for the week, this versatile piece doubles as a roasting dish.

  6. Ninjaplast Essential Home Bundle, goop, $44
    Ninjaplast Essential Home Bundle goop, $44

    This collection of reimagined home essentials includes one roll of PVC- and BPA-free plastic wrap, two packs each of freezer and zip bags made from sugarcane bioplastic, three toothbrushes (in grey, red, and blue)—also made of sugarcane bioplastic—and four packs of postconsumer-recycled antidrip drawstring trash bags. The brand’s mission is to make products that are “fumble-free”—meaning everything here is thoughtfully designed for the smoothest experience possible, every time.

  7. Smithey Ironware Co. No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet, goop, $200
    Smithey Ironware Co. No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet goop, $200

    Free of chemical coatings, this cast-iron skillet is naturally nonstick when seasoned, and it’s a versatile kitchen essential for searing steaks, grilling vegetables, or baking biscuits. Inspired by vintage cast iron, it’s meticulously crafted in the US and designed to last forever—something to pass down for generations.

  8. Blacksaw The Siempre Recycled Blanket, goop, $298
    Blacksaw The Siempre Recycled Blanket goop, $298

    The king of conscious comfort, Blacksaw uses deadstock waste to create some of the coziest alpaca-blend throws in existence. Softer than cashmere and warmer than wool, the Siempre blanket is one such plush piece. It’s made from 100 percent recycled materials that pull their weight in the great outdoors, but we all know it’s bound to clock some quality time Netflixing on the couch. As for the minimal stripe detailing? So good.


Focused on Family?

  1. Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carrier, goop, $787
    Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carrier goop, $787

    This is the chicest baby carrier of all time. You can throw together something completely unremarkable to wear—but strap yourself into this and all of a sudden you’re getting greeted with, “You look so cute!” It’s made from a blend of cashmere, silk, and organic cotton, so it feels beautiful and comfortable against skin (the shoulder and waist straps are also padded), and it’s designed for newborns to two-year-olds, so it’s with you for the long haul. The yin-yang design works for all genders—and screams “cool parent.”