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We ask a lot of questions. We want to understand the impact of what we put in and on our bodies and why it matters. And we also want to optimize the time we have here. As Mary Oliver asked: “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.” If you ask GP, she’d say “milk the shit out of it.”

Life is work, life is often hard, and trauma for all is inevitable. So how do you process it and find the lesson? We work on ourselves relentlessly. Because emotions get stuck in our bodies, disconnection and loneliness is killing our communities and relationships, and our energetic health profoundly affects ourselves—and each other.

We are dependent on the earth, and without balance, we are in serious trouble. We care deeply about the health of the environment, the safety of the vulnerable, and the quality of our relationships—all while finding moments of intense pleasure in our lives.

There is a prevailing myth that beauty products must be toxic to be effective and luxurious—we have the clinical trials on our line to prove that this is not truth. For our health, beauty products must be free from harmful and toxic ingredients. We also choose to buy things that last: we make and sell beautiful, high-quality, and enduring classics that do not expire at the end of the season.