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The Best Bath, Kitchen, and Bedroom Details from Gwyneth’s New House

Written by: the Editors of goop


Updated on: November 14, 2022


Created in partnership with Avocado, Chateau Domingue, Staub, THG, and Weezie

“This is our forever house,” says Gwyneth of her new, beautifully proportioned and situated home in Montecito. Filled with light, the house—which the family built from the ground up—reveals exquisite, often one-of-a-kind details at every turn. “We spent a lot of time thinking about how we wanted to live and what really special things were most important to us,” she says. From a sea-blue spa to a kitchen where everything has its place, what GP has designed—together with architects and interior designers Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman and Williams and interior designer Brigette Romanek—blends an old-world sense of scale and drama with a sleek modernism suited precisely to the extended Faltrow family.

The Kitchen That Ticks Every Box

“The kitchen is the center of everything in the house, so we focused a lot on it,” says GP. The most inventive details were informed by experience. “I cook so much, and in my previous kitchens, I spent so much time facing the wall,” she says. “Here the range is in the center of the room—you can chat and really have fun with people while you’re cooking.”

On the other side of the island, there are shelves for all the pots. “I love to braise things and make a lot of warming soups and stews, and pasta is of course very popular around here,” says GP. “My son’s favorite is turkey meatballs, and my daughter loves lemon Parmesan pasta or spicy marinara. Having everything out on these gorgeous low shelves is just so satisfying.”

house interior
  1. goop Home 10-Piece Cookware Set, goop, $300
    goop Home 10-Piece Cookware Set goop, $300

These Staub pots are chic-looking and endlessly functional. The cocotte is brilliant for stews, soups, roasts, casseroles, and even bread making, and the braiser keeps meat incredibly
moist as you cook it.

  1. Staub 3.5 QT Braiser, goop, $330
    Staub 3.5 QT Braiser goop, $330
  2. Staub 5.5 QT Round Cocotte, goop, $350
    Staub 5.5 QT Round Cocotte goop, $350

“I had a wood-burning fireplace in my kitchen when I lived in London, and I loved how cozy it made everything feel, so it was a big priority for me to get one in the kitchen here,” she says. The coziness contrasts with all the light that streams in through the windows and glints off the unlacquered brass fixtures, the white marble, and the reclaimed blue-and-white Portuguese tiles Standefer found.

The plate wall is a dream realized for GP. “You get plates you love with beautiful patterns, and then they sit in a stack in the cupboard,” she says. “So we did this plate wall, and I love it. It brings this pop of color to the whole house.”

Everything from Emporio Sirenuse reflects the luxe, wildly creative spirit of the famous Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano. Every artful whirl and spiral on the ceramics is hand-painted by Italian artisans.

  1. Emporio Sirenuse Circle Charger Plate Blue Green
    Emporio Sirenuse Circle Charger Plate goop, $150
  2. Emporio Sirenuse Large Flat Oval Platter, goop, $330
    Emporio Sirenuse Large Flat Oval Platter goop, $330
  3. Emporio Sirenuse Circle Charger Plate Blue Teal
    Emporio Sirenuse Circle Charger Plate goop, $150

Dinner Party Central

Whether she’s entertaining a houseful of guests or relaxing with the full Faltrow family, GP’s dining room balances sleek modernism with moody, old-world-looking wallpaper (it’s actually hand-painted in LA by a firm called MJ Atelier). “Because I entertain a lot, I wanted a space that made it easy and beautiful,” she says. “I found the table, and then Brigette found the great chairs and the chandelier.”

  1. Roman and Williams Guild Hitoshi Kato Kohiki Shinogi Vases, goop, $95
    Roman and Williams Guild Hitoshi Kato Kohiki Shinogi Vase goop, $95
  2. Roman and Williams Kaneko Kohyo Rinka Mug, goop, $50
    Roman and Williams Guild Kaneko Kohyo Rinka Mug goop, $50
  3. Roman and Williams Guild Reed Candlestick 4.25 , goop, $370
    Roman and Williams Guild Reed Candlestick 4.25″ goop, $370
  4. Marloe Marloe Stevie Vase, goop, $340
    Marloe Marloe Stevie Vase goop, $340
  5. Roman and Williams Guild Go Takagi Serving Stand, goop, $80
    Roman and Williams Guild Go Takagi Serving Stand goop, $80

The Showstopper Powder Room

With hand-painted wallpaper, hand-finished mirrors, a stunning reclaimed-marble sink, and exquisite fixtures from THG, the powder room is packed with details. “This is one of my favorite rooms in the house,” says GP. The 18th-century Italian sink from Chateau Domingue is made of pure white marble that’s aged beautifully. All the faucets and fixtures are from THG’s Tradition collection, inspired by 1930s French Art Deco pieces and designed by Jean-Claude Delépine. As in the rest of the house, GP chose unlacquered brass finishes. And the piped-edge hand towels are plush, absorbent, and designed with a hanging loop so they dry faster between uses.

Here are the skin essentials GP uses every day, separated into morning and evening routines (if you get the full routine, it comes at a gentler price).

house interior
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  2. goop Beauty Gwyneth’s Evening Routine: The Kit, goop, $224.70
    goop Beauty Gwyneth’s Evening Routine: The Kit goop, $321 $225

Guest Bedroom

We happen to know a guest who slept here, and they described it as one of the most restful night’s sleep they had ever experienced. “Hosting is all about making people comfortable,” says GP, who designed the ultimate certified-organic, sustainable, handmade-in-LA mattress with Avocado—which her guests now get to sleep on. Fresh white sheets and cozy blankets make it even more inviting.

goop x Avocado Mattress, Avocado, $22,000 to $32,000

house interior
  1. Tala Reflection Enno Table Lamp, goop, $265
    Tala Reflection Enno Table Lamp goop, $265
  2. Morrow Heirloom French Linen Sheet Set, goop, $299
    Morrow Heirloom French Linen Sheet Set goop, $299
  3. Zwilling Glass Drip Coffee Maker, goop, $200
    Zwilling Glass Drip Coffee Maker goop, $200

The Detail of All Details:
A Full-On Spa

Glittering with handmade, pale-ocean-blue-green tiles and unlacquered brass Waterworks fixtures, the home spa has an infrared sauna, a cold plunge, a hot tub, and a steam room. “I make time to go here almost every day,” says GP. “Every time, I have to pinch myself—I cannot believe this is our house. It’s such a luxury. We were thinking a little of the Bains du Marais in Paris. Robin and Stephen found these amazing handmade tiles, we used the unlacquered brass throughout the house, and it just came together.”

shower room spa interior
  1. HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket, goop, $599
    HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket goop, $599

Stashed for easy access: stacks of crisp white Weezie towels and GP’s favorite spa-at-home products. “This is the full monty,” she says of her spa routine. “It’s for hair, skin, psyche, everything: I smooth hair serum through my hair, do a vigorous dry brush, and jump in the sauna. The serum takes 20 minutes to work (the results are amazing), so I relax in there, or sometimes I’ll do a bath with our Martini salts. Then I shower with our salt-scrub shampoo and smooth on body butter all over afterward. The finishing touch is the facial (though the results are more like those from a trip to the dermatologist): a GOOPGLOW peel pad, which I do only once a week—it’s that powerful.”

(Note: You can now get all six products in her spa routine at a beautiful, limited-edition price.)

  1. goop Beauty Gwyneth’s Spa Day Kit, goop, $182.70
    goop Beauty Gwyneth’s Spa Day Kit goop, $261 $183

Out into Nature

Outside the lush landscape is punctuated with native plants, winding pathways, and absolutely stunning views. “We fell in love with the land first,” says GP. Everywhere there are places to relax in nature, like benches set along the pathways, a cerulean-blue pool, and a firepit gathering area (the pit itself is reclaimed, from Chateau Domingue).

house exterior