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Photo courtesy of Read McKendree/JBSA. Interior design by Katie Rosenfeld.

Spring Refresh: What’s New in the
goop Home Shop This Month

The bright-red pots we’re cooking everything in, a brilliant new steamer-iron combination that’s (seriously) reinvigorated our closets, a gorgeous new La DoubleJ drop we have to have, and more—these are goop editors’ favorites this March.

  1. 1

    The Chic Red Pots

    The ceramic coating on each piece helps perfect your fried-egg-to-bread slide—and keeps your food free of harmful “forever chemicals” like PTFEs and PFOAs that common in conventional nonstick cookware. When you’re not frying, sautéing, saucing, or simmering, all four pieces nest neatly for smart storage, and the red puts us in an instant good mood.

  2. Equal Parts The Cookware Set, goop, $325
    Equal Parts The Cookware Set goop, $325
  1. 2

    Why All Our Clothes Look Better

    This sleek, ingenious steamer and iron in one uses friction (from a unique textured surface) to boost the effects of the steamer as you iron and to dry faster after steaming. It’s easy to pack for travel, and you can leave it standing or rest it against the heat guard as you work—brilliant and unbelievably easy.

  2. Steamery Cirrus No.3 Steamer, goop, $180
    Steamery Cirrus No.3 Steamer goop, $180


The New La DoubleJ Pattern!

We can’t help ourselves when this brand comes out with a new look. This one’s geometric, with waves and stripes and, of course, all the best colors—we can’t get enough of it (see below for the many options). This tray is made of laminated birchwood and finished in a teal-and-tangerine hexagon pattern. It’s gorgeous for cocktails, tea, TV dinner…one editor keeps her bedside-table books and water carafe on it; another keeps it on her desk to organize pens, papers, and phone chargers.

  1. La DoubleJ Rectangular Serving Tray, goop, $100
    La DoubleJ Rectangular Serving Tray goop, $100
  2. (Oh, There’s More)

  3. La DoubleJ Apron, goop, $120
    La DoubleJ Apron goop, $120
  4. La DoubleJ Dessert Plate, Set of 6, goop, $340
    La DoubleJ Dessert Plate,
    Set of 6
    goop, $340
  5. La DoubleJ Goodie Jar, goop, $180
    La DoubleJ Goodie Jar goop, $180
  6. La DoubleJ Large Tablecloth, goop, $260
    La DoubleJ Large
    goop, $260
  7. What to Serve
    (for an Instant Party)

    From the iconic NYC patisserie, a stack of handmade crepes layered with pastry cream and caramelized to perfection.

  8. Lady M New York Signature Mille Crêpes, goop, $123
    Lady M New York Signature Mille Crêpes goop, $123
  1. 4

    Best Present: Flowers
    and Tarot Cards

    What you get when you combine tarot with the special language of flowers: a floral oracle deck of twenty-two cards representing the archetypes of the major arcana, complete with botanical illustrations. There’s a guidebook to help with reading cards that’s dotted with observations about the natural world, and the box itself is just beautiful, made from fine paper with silk ribbons holding the cards and book in place. No wrapping needed!

  2. The Garden Journey The Garden Journey Deck, goop, $95
    The Garden Journey The Garden Journey Deck goop, $95


We’re Ready for Summer (Truly)

Rooftops. Picnics. Campsites. Beach cabanas. The Cube is a safe, chic, portable way to fire up a charcoal grill just about anywhere. There’s even a prep table and storage tray stacked on top of the grill, so you can get your mise en place on before firing up the coals.

  1. Everdure The Cube Portable Grill, goop, $199
    Everdure The Cube Portable Grill goop, $199
  2. Beautifully designed lighting that goes literally anywhere—no cords, just pure atmosphere.

    Tala The Muse Portable Light, goop, $325
    Tala The Muse
    Portable Light
    goop, $325
  1. 6

    Aaaamazing Olive Oil

    Try this on ice cream and your life will never be the same (or fruit, or lemon cake, or any dessert really). It’s also a magic secret ingredient in almost any sauce. Made with picual (full-bodied and grassy) and arbequina (vibrant and fruity) olives in Andalusia, Spain, it’s something almost-sweet and utterly unique that’s as delicious as it is perfectly giftable, with a gorgeous moth on the bottle representing the brand’s commitment to the health of its organic vineyards.

  2. Nobleza Del Sur Night - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, goop, $37
    Nobleza Del Sur Night – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil goop, $37
  1. There’s also a day version—made with herby, grassy, full-bodied picual olives in Andalusia—that’s perfect on salads, fresh bread, pizza, and fish. It, too, makes an incredible gift, with a fabulous bee on the label representing the brand’s commitment to the health of its organic vineyards.

  2.  Nobleza Del Sur Day - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, goop, $37
    Nobleza Del Sur Day Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil goop, $37


Telepathic Sheets (and Duvets)?

Cold sleeper, hot sleeper, or somewhere in between? It sounds impossible, but no matter your MO at lights-out, these luxuriously soft, OEKO-TEX-certified, thermoregulating sheets and comforters adjust in the moment to get your temperature just right. The sheets are made of super soft Supima cotton with Phase Changing Material—it releases heat if you’re cold and absorbs it if you’re warm—woven in. The fluffy OEKO-TEX-certified comforter is filled with a plush down alternative made with Phase Changing Technology: The CLIMA fill absorbs your body heat if you’re warm and releases it back to you if you’re cold. And both are blissfully easy to care for: cool wash, low tumble.

  1. SIJO CLIMA Sheet Set, goop, $215
    SIJO Sheet Set goop, $215
  2. SIJO CLIMA Comforter, goop, $215
    SIJO Comforter goop, $215
  1. 8

    The Suitcase of the Future Is Already Here

    Every detail of this remarkable, Italian-made carry-on—from the transparent Lucite-carved handle to the aviation-grade aluminum wheel casters and sound-absorbing, all-but-silent wheels—is carefully considered and engineered with precision. The body is covered in the finest calfskin leather in a chic retro caning weave that calls to mind the golden age of air travel. The spacious interior is lined in suede-like Alcantara, with two smaller compartments to keep things organized. It’s handcrafted by master artisans in limited editions, so each case is engraved with its own unique identifying number.

  2. Aviteur Aviteur Carry-On, goop, $8,340
    Aviteur Aviteur Carry-On goop, $8,340
  1. 9

    The Miracle Skin-Saving Towels

    Whether your skin is oily, combination, sensitive, or dry, these soft, fluffy, antibacterial, eco-friendly face and body towels can help renew skin by whisking away dirt and grime without causing irritation. They also spend less time in your laundry basket. Medical-grade SILVERbac and lyocell help prevent acne-causing bacteria from multiplying, while bamboo and long-staple cotton make the towels ultra-absorbent and delightfully cloudlike.

  2. Resore face and body towels
    RESORÈ Face Towels – Set of 2 goop, $69


Easiest, Creamiest Nut Milk (the Machine Cleans Itself!)

Not only does this have settings for almond, soy, cashew, oat, macadamia, and coconut milks; it does all the prep work for you, too, so you don’t have to presoak or strain anything. Add a handful of nuts or oats (whatever kind of milk you want) plus a drop of vanilla, chocolate, or other flavoring if you’d like, and make sure there’s enough water in the basin. Set it to begin immediately or delay the start so it’s ready at a certain time, then drink it fresh or store the pitcher in the fridge. Once it’s made the milk, the machine starts an automatic seven-minute self-cleaning process. After that, simply rinse out the pieces and let them air-dry. Oh, and PSA: Whichever variety you make, the milk is deliciously creamy.

  1. ChefWave Milkmade Non-Dairy Milk Maker
    ChefWave Milkmade Non-Dairy Milk Maker goop, $199