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Erica Chidi Cohen

Erica Chidi Cohen

cofounder and CEO of LOOM

Articles by Erica Chidi Cohen

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    Erica Chidi Cohen is a doula, author, and cofounder of LOOM. LOOM provides empowered education from periods to parenting.

    Erica began her work in San Francisco, volunteering as a doula within the prison system, working with pregnant inmates. She went on to build a successful doula and health coaching practice in Los Angeles.

    She is passionate about helping people cultivate body literacy and the tools to advocate for their reproductive health and well-being. She has guided thousands of people in their transition from pregnancy to parenthood in her practice and through her book, Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Early Motherhood.

    Erica currently teaches and sees clients at LOOM, focusing on periods, sex positivity, fertility, and pregnancy.