Oral Care

Welcome to the world of oil pulling, mouth tape, and cult-favorite floss.

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SURI Electric Toothbrush and UV Light CaseSURI Electric Toothbrush and UV Light Case
A better, cooler, more sustainable electric toothbrush.
VIO2 Mouth TapeVIO2 Mouth Tape
VIO2Mouth Tape
Out: mouth breathing. In: mouth taping.
Cocofloss Winter Mint Holiday Smile Bliss Trio
Little ones have never been so excited to brush and floss.Sold Out

Oral-Care Essentials

We don’t doubt you have a well-maintained brushing routine. And we have top-tier clean toothpastes and bamboo-bristle toothbrushes to match that energy. But if you feel like you could be doing more for your pearly whites, gums, tongue, and all the rest, we have some ideas.

Here’s what makes it into our oral-care shop: Toothpaste made with a Japanese-gold-standard ingredient for removing plaque and remineralizing teeth. Clean mouthwash inspired by one dentist’s love of the sea. The roll of brilliantly minty floss that’s reached cult status around goop HQ. The most satisfying tongue scraper we know. And more where all that came from.