What’s In goop Health?

We host virtual and in-person wellness summits and sessions geared toward exploring and optimizing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational well-being. We love forming a community with you. We love bringing varied experts together: Whether you join us virtually or in person, you can expect to hear from provocative thinkers, trusted practitioners, and cutting-edge scientists and researchers.

What is the difference between the single sessions and the at-home summit?

In goop Health started as a one-day wellness summit that we hosted in Los Angeles and New York. We later made it to Vancouver, London, and San Francisco. Now, we’ve reimagined our one-day summit for a wider, digital audience—so that you can join us from your own home, wherever you are.

Like our in-person days, the at-home summit is hosted by our founder and CEO, Gwyneth Paltrow. She is joined by incredible experts, practitioners, and thought leaders who guide us through experiences, workshops, and conversations designed to make us move, think, and feel in new ways.

The live single sessions tap into our health and wellness experts and practitioners for individual (and relatively short) virtual sessions. We released our first season of these sessions between April and August 2020. They are still available and free to watch if you missed them live. (You’ll see options to donate to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Doctors Without Borders.)

I have a different question—can you help?

Of course—if you have any other questions about the sessions or summit, please email us at [email protected]. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

More on the At-Home Summit

When did the summit launch? Can I still get a ticket?

Tickets for the summit launch on February 2. If you purchased a pass, you will have access to the password-protected site with all the content and the Slack group from March 5 until April 2 (at 5 p.m. PT). Tickets are available for purchase until March 4 at 5 p.m. PT or until sold out. The summit program officially launches on March 6 with four live sessions.

Will I receive a confirmation email after purchasing a digital pass?

You will receive an automatic email from [email protected] after you purchase your pass. Check your spam folder. If you have any issues, email us at [email protected]

I bought a digital pass. What happens next?

Two weeks before launch: We’ll send you an email reminder that the big day is coming up, along with a schedule of the live sessions.

The day before launch: In the morning (Pacific time), you’ll get an email from us with an event program, everything you need to know about logging in to the password-protected digital page where all the videos are hosted, and an invitation to our private chat group on Slack. You’ll be able to log in and get familiar with the video site and Slack. If you’re a tech novice, no worries—video tutorials will help guide the way. And we’ll be ready to answer questions on Slack and via email ([email protected]).

Launch day (March 6): Join us for as many live sessions as you can. And follow along with the conversation on Slack. We’ll make announcements and drop some surprises throughout the day (and throughout the month). Slack is also where you can ask questions during the live Q&A’s and chat with other people doing the program, if you’d like to.

From March 6 to April 2: You can work your way through the program at your own pace. Every week, we’ll launch a new live session, which we hope you’ll join us for. And Will Cole will be on hand for those interested in exploring the four-week flexible plan from his new book Intuitive Fasting. (Order a copy now so you’re ready to go.)

How do I access the content?

You will receive an email from us on Friday, March 5 (in the morning, Pacific time) with all the necessary information, including the URL to the password-protected site, your password, and access to the Slack group. If you do not receive the emails, please check your spam and email us at [email protected]

Do I have to watch the videos in a particular order?

Nope. We’ll send you a program guide on March 5 but feel free to consume the content as you please. You can do the bulk of the program in one day or you can spread it out over four weeks.

When are the live sessions?

Launch day (March 6): Ask Me Anything with GP at 9 a.m. PT; breathwork with yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley at 10:30 a.m. PT; understanding hormone imbalance with Taz Bhatia, MD, at 12 p.m. PT; and fascia stretching with Sita Hagenburg and John Kelly at 1:30 p.m. PT

Week 2 (12 p.m., March 9): Exploring the four-week food plan from Intuitive Fasting with Will Cole, DC

Week 3 (4 p.m., March 18): Aura cleansing with Tia Price

Week 4 (9 a.m., March 26): Dance cardio with Tracy Anderson

I might miss the live sessions. Can I still watch them?

Yes. All of the live sessions from March 6 and the following weeks will be recorded and available to watch on the same password-protected site as the rest of the content.

Tell me more about Will Cole’s four-week intermittent fasting plan.

Our go-to functional medicine practitioner Will Cole is teaching one of the summit workshops. His class focuses on the topic of his new book, Intuitive Fasting. For anyone who is interested in exploring Cole’s four-week intermittent fasting plan, we’ll have access to him on video and on Slack throughout the month. If you’re intrigued, we highly recommend ordering his book—it’s great—so you can easily follow along.

How long are the videos?

Most of the videos are between 20 and 40 minutes long, and there are also shorter, more bite-size tutorials.

Do you recommend watching the videos on a computer or phone?

We recommend desktop for the best viewing experience. You might want to use the Slack app on your phone to chat with people during certain sessions.

Do I need any prior experience, expertise, or specific equipment to do any of the sessions?

Please join just as you are. You may want to take notes. And for a couple of movement-based sessions, you’ll need a little bit of space and potentially simple props you’re likely to have at home.

What is the purpose of the private Slack group?

We love hearing from you. And we wanted to create a space where everyone could chat and share and pose questions. You’re welcome to use the Slack group throughout the program to talk with other participants and get logistical support (we have a dedicated help desk channel). Slack is also where you can ask questions during the live Q&A’s. And we’ll be posting announcements throughout the month. So even if you don’t plan on sending messages in Slack yourself, we still recommend joining so you can have an eye on what’s happening. If you’ve never used Slack before, don’t worry: It’s a simple platform and we’re here to help. Before you join Slack, please read the guidelines in the program.

Will you be storing the conversations held on slack between March 5 and April 2, or using them for any other purpose?

No, we will not retain any data and it will not be used for any other purpose than for entertainment and communication during the summit.

What is the difference between the All-Content Pass and the US Content and Kit Pass?

If you purchased the US Content and Kit Pass, you received everything from the All-Content Pass, plus a kit shipped to you with related tools to help you go a little deeper. Your kit should arrive by March 5 (barring weather-related mail delays).

What language are the videos and content in?


Are there closed captions for the videos?

Yes. Closed captions will not be available during the live sessions, but they will be available shortly after on the recorded versions of each video.

Do you refund tickets?

No ticket refunds. Thanks in advance for understanding.