Clitoral Vibrators

Made for clitoral orgasms, these devices fit nicely in your hand—and feel out of this world.

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Gwyneth's Pick
goop Wellness Heartthrob Vibratorgoop Wellness Heartthrob Vibrator
goop WellnessHeartthrob Vibrator
A powerful clitoral massager with a tapping feature you’ll fall in love with.
Tabu The PearlTabu The Pearl
TabuThe Pearl
An incredibly powerful palm-sized vibrator.
LELO Ora 3 VibratorLELO Ora 3 Vibrator
LELOOra 3 Vibrator
That nub rotates and vibrates to mimic the feeling of a partner’s tongue.
WomanizerWomanizer Premium 2
Quiet, smart, and feels like oral sex.
A dual-stimulation vibrator that moves like a lover's fingers.
We-VibeNova 2 Vibrator
The rabbit-shaped vibrator designed by geniuses—with two new intensity levels.
goop WellnessViva la Vulva Vibrator
Find your rhythm.
A dual stimulation vibrator for blended orgasms.
Has an extra-wide mouth for a deeper suction sensation.
goop WellnessDouble-Sided Wand Vibrator
The ultimate vibrator for pleasure and exploration.
Dame ProductsFin Vibrator
A versatile vibrator that you wear on your fingers.
Smile MakersThe Firefighter Vibrator
Heating up.
Smile MakersThe French Lover Vibrator
Oui, oui, oui!
Smile MakersThe Billionaire Vibrator
Feels like a billion bucks.
Dame ProductsEva Vibrator
The hands-free vibrator.
Smile MakersThe Ballerina Vibrator
An external vibrator with a squishy but firm texture.
Le WandLe Wand Double Vibe
There’s a powerful motor in each of those bunny ears.
We-VibeTouch X
A palm-sized vibrator suited for both broad and targeted stimulation.