Boot Camp for Summer-Damaged Hair

Written by: the Editors of goop


Updated: September 2, 2021


Reviewed by: Brianna Peters

girl with long hair on beach

Photograph by Nat Lanyon/The Licensing Project

You know you’ve done summer right when your hair isn’t looking so great during the final weeks of steamy heat: Leaping into every possible body of water you encounter, going on life-affirmingly sweaty runs, and simply soaking up the sun strips away color, moisture, and shine and almost inevitably leads to fried ends, encroaching roots, nest-like tangles, and frizz (the excessive kind, not the subtly sexy kind). The good news is that it’s pretty easy—and even relaxing and indulgent—to coax your hair back to shiny, healthy gorgeousness at home. From a brilliant root touch-up to a deep-conditioning treatment that’s salon-like in its soft, shiny, bouncy results, here’s the route back to silky, nourished, and lustrous, no matter your hair type.


What You Use Every Day Makes
the Biggest Difference

Whether you wash your hair daily or weekly, the right shampoo and conditioner are the biggest factors in determining how your hair looks and feels day-to-day and even how it holds up to damage. Swirled with nourishing oils and extracts instead of harsh surfactants, clean shampoo gently cleanses, leaving hair healthy-looking, soft, and bouncy. A great conditioner moisturizes, smooths frizz, and boosts shine with rich botanicals as opposed to silicones. Pro tip: Comb or brush your hair in the shower when it’s soaked in the conditioner to detangle with the least amount of damage—especially if you have curly hair, which is more prone to breakage than straight hair.


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Always Leave in a Little Leave-In

Unless your hair is very fine, using a leave-in conditioner after conditioning in the shower is going to make your hair look and feel better (people with very fine hair are better off skipping conditioner in the shower and using just the smallest amount of leave-in on the ends). Smooth or spray it through just-washed hair before diffusing, air-drying, or blow-drying—the shiny, manageable results are more than worth it.


Deep-Clean and Soften

A healthy scalp is the key to great hair, period. Work this rosemary-and-peppermint-scented pink-salt shampoo through soaking-wet hair and the foamy lather will refresh and purify your scalp; cleanse away sweat, oil, and product buildup; and—not incidentally—feel like an incredible massage. You will love your hair afterward, too.


Setup for Extra Shine

This chic all-in-one set has everything you need to smooth, detangle, hydrate, and boost shine. You get a gorgeous boar-bristle brush, a wide-tooth comb, a smoothing hair serum, a cool-looking and generously sized quick-drying microfiber hair towel, and a sleek three-minute hourglass (to remind you to brush your hair and ensure you don’t rush through it). The essentials work brilliantly for all hair types, and the killer box they come in makes this the best gift for yourself or someone you love.



Magic on color-treated, heat-styled, chemically straightened, and pool-, ocean-, or sun-addled hair, deep conditioning can make a huge difference in the way your hair looks and feels. Our favorite hair secret is the GOOPGLOW preshampoo serum, which sinks in in 20 minutes to moisturize, fight frizz, smooth, and retexturize. Gwyneth likes to do a workout or take a sauna after massaging the serum in: “I feel like the heat does a little extra something,” she says. “Either way, though, the results always blow me away.” The Rahua mask, when combined with the heat of a blow-dryer to help all the oils and butters penetrate, leaves hair soft, smooth, and manageable. Smooth the mask through your ends when hair is wet, then blow-dry on a low setting for as long as it takes to warm up your hair. The longer you heat it, the better it works—we find that anywhere from 3 to about 15 minutes is great, depending on your hair and schedule. Wash your hair normally afterward; the soft, smooth results are incredible and can last through multiple shampoos.


Fix Your Roots (or
Refresh Color All Over)

This do-it-at-home, lasts-for-five-shampoos color gel for brown, black, and red hair deposits beautiful, natural color without the laundry list of harmful chemicals found in conventional hair color. It’s super thick, so it doesn’t drip, meaning you can just go about your business for the 40 minutes it takes to set. It doesn’t smell, either, so the feeling is more luxe French hair treatment than at-home color. It also couldn’t be easier to use.


Get a Trim

Regular trims go a long way toward keeping your hair healthier-looking. A salon is a great option, but you can also trim at home with professional-grade scissors, a brush, and some clips, along with the restraint to snip in very small sections. We did it, and our formerly cavewoman-esque shag is now looking presentable.