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Jean Godfrey-June

Jean Godfrey-June

beauty director, goop

Articles by Jean Godfrey-June

  • Why did you join goop?

    I love the idea of being part of something both thoughtful and beautiful, and something so gutsily unafraid in so many ways. I love the goop clean-beauty position and I hope to be part of the change—gorgeous beauty products should not have to be toxic! (Insane and vaguely misogynist that they still are, I think.)

  • goop shop obsession?

    The Milena crewneck fisherman sweater from Demylee, the long print dress and the rosebud-print elbow-sleeve dress by Timo x goop, and though I’m not a jacket person, when I wore the Stella McCartney black one in this picture, I was beyond-sold.

  • First job?

    I worked for my biologist dad catching butterflies in the Rocky Mountains.

  • Mentor?

    Mentor: Amy Gross, Roger Yee, Kim France, and Gina Sanders.

  • Hometown?

    Hometown: Palo Alto

  • Wouldn't leave home without?

    Drunk Elephant sunblock and my phone.

  • Thing you buy in bulk?

    Buying a stack of white t-shirts all at once is to drown (happily) in luxury. I also buy an inordinate amount of the large-size bags of Just Strawberries, the freeze dried organic strawberry slices. They make any breakfast-item (scones, oatmeal, etc.) better and you can eat them like chips.

  • Favorite book?

    White Girls by Hilton Als, Play It As It Lays and all things by Joan Dideon, and I cannot get enough of the various My Struggle(s) by Karl Ove Knaussgard.

  • Favorite movie?

    Lost in Translation.

  • First celebrity crush?

    I am ancient. Sean Cassidy!

  • Favorite city hotel?

    Chateau Marmont.

  • Favorite vacation hotel?

    The Rambaugh Palace in Jaipur.

  • Favorite Chinese restaurant?

    X’ian Famous Foods in NYC.

  • Favorite young designer?

    Vineet Bahl.

  • Preferred form of exercise?

    Jivamukti yoga and running outside.

  • Drink of choice?

    Ginanjuice at Suzume in Brooklyn—it tastes super-healthy (fresh carrot, beet, apple, ginger) and the gin + lillet stealthily knocks you off your feet.

  • Favorite model?

    Charlotte Rampling in the Marc Jacobs ads, & KATE.

  • Proudest moment?

    When my kids are gossiping/playing for hours and forget I’m there.

  • Perfect Sunday afternoon?

    Kids + boyfriend, hike, bath.

  • Favorite pasta dish?

    Cacio e pepe.