Our Go-To Suction Vibrator Just Got Better

Written by: Kelly Martin


Published on: February 20, 2024


In the sex toy world, suction toys—specifically those from Womanizer—have a reputation for incredible efficiency: Go from zero to mind-shattering orgasm in five minutes flat. In fact, one sex expert told us they don’t use suction toys because they get the job done too fast. (We don’t mind, but to each their own.)

Womanizer’s newest toy, the Womanizer NEXT, is our favorite yet. If you’re looking to go in on your first Womanizer, or if you’re due for an upgrade, here are five reasons to get the NEXT.

1. Climax control: The Womanizer NEXT has a feature we haven’t seen in any other toy: In addition to controlling the suction speed—how many pulses the motor runs per second—you can also control the depth of those pulses. It’s a feature that makes the difference between a long, languid solo sex session and a race to the finish line. There are three levels: one gentle, one a healthy rumble, and one thrillingly deep.

2. Fourteen intensity levels: Womanizer’s head of user research, Elisabeth Neumann, says that when you’re buying a sex toy, the more vibration speeds, the better—but that when you’re using one, you’ll likely find one or two intensities that you go back to again and again. A wide range of intensities, like the 14 built into the Womanizer NEXT, ensures you find your match. Faster pulses are irresistibly intense. Slower ones feel more like actual oral sex. (They’re also the cheat code for second—and third—orgasms.)

3. Smart silence: Womanizer toys are made to turn on only when they’re in contact with your skin. And they begin, by default, at their lowest power level. The Womanizer NEXT is the brand’s quietest toy yet (a feature appreciated by those of us who live with other people). You won’t hear its motor, but you will feel it.

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4. Autopilot: For those who appreciate an element of surprise, the Womanizer NEXT’s autopilot feature is top-tier: It controls not just suction speed but depth, too, varying sensations in a way that mimics oral sex from a partner.

5. Post-climax afterglow: The cherry on top. When you’ve finished, hold down the minus button for a couple of seconds and the toy reverts back to its lowest level in both speed and intensity. It’s the gentle comedown you didn’t know you needed.

Three more things: The Womanizer NEXT comes with two swappable stimulation heads, one larger and one smaller, so you can find the fit that feels best for you. It’s made with soft silicone that molds to the shape of your body. And it’s waterproof—and therefore easy to clean.