A Top Dermatologist on the Key to Aging Gracefully

Written by: the Editors of goop


Updated on: September 3, 2019

A Top Dermatologist on the Key to Aging Gracefully
Jean Godfrey-June Megan O'Neill

goop beauty editors Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill love to ask—and
answer—questions. In their new podcast, The Beauty Closet, they’re doing both. To familiarize you with each week’s guest, we came up with a goop beauty (and life) questionnaire.


Robert Anolik, MD

The people walking out of dermatologist Robert Anolik’s New York office look a little fresher, not so tired, glowier, and healthier—but they don’t look “done.” His secret is actually many secrets, including Botox (his office uses more of it than any other office in the world), filler, and every laser imaginable. Beyond the tech, though, and his pure brilliance (he understands the science behind everything he does, and he explains it with the ease of, say, Brian Greene on the cosmos), Anolik’s X factor is an incredible imagination and an artist’s eye. And a magnetic personal warmth that puts even the most nervous first-timer at ease.

Anolik is one of the world’s top dermatologists. We’ve known him for years—and our skin, through breakouts, suspicious spots, wrinkles, sagging, and general non-joie-de-vivre, looks (much) better for it. His knowledge and toolbox are constantly expanding, so our conversation was full of surprises and secrets to healthier, better-looking skin (no matter what your age).

Anolik gamely answered our barrage of questions, cracking jokes and every so often blowing our minds with crazy facts. Because we had many more questions that he could get to on the Beauty Closet podcast, we used the goop questionnaire, below, to get a few more answered.

Most common treatment clients request?

Botox—it’s known for giving a natural, rejuvenated appearance.

How important is sunscreen?

Sunscreen is the most effective anti-aging product you can use. Everyone should find some form they’re comfortable using, from zinc to UPF clothing. Ninety percent of the aging we see on our skin comes from the sun.

Wouldn’t fly without?

Moisturizer—airplane air is so dry.


I’ve got two. One is Dr. Fred Brandt, one of the greatest injectors and creative minds in the field of cosmetic dermatology. I worked as his New York City associate for five years before his tragic death from suicidal depression. Another mentor is Dr. Roy Geronemus, one of the greatest laser dermatologists in the field of cosmetic dermatology. After I completed fellowship training with him, we worked alongside each other, sharing and building on the state of laser dermatology.

goopiest moment?

I was testing out a new at-home laser on myself and looked up to see Gwyneth looking back at me (Shallow Hal on TV), mid-regimen.

Favorite procedure to do and why?

Botox and laser resurfacing. Botox, when performed in a way that does not freeze but simply reduces unnecessary lines, is one of the most effective rejuvenating procedures possible in dermatology.

I love laser resurfacing as well, not only because I feel it makes my patients’ skin look better but because it makes skin look healthier, too. The process stimulates our own immune system to heal the skin, which improves texture, tone, lines, and pores. It also may identify and reduce the number of precancers on the skin’s surface. I have performed and published research supporting this concept.

Baths or showers?

I don’t think my patients want an image in their heads of me doing either! But generally either is fine. Just don’t let the water get too hot, don’t let either a shower or a bath go on for too long, and be sure to moisturize just after stepping out, while the skin is still damp, to trap moisture in the skin.

First job?

Camp counselor at magic camp. (Abracadabra, make that answer cooler!)

Things you buy in bulk?

Perrier Slims.



Best tips for exfoliating? Do you like physical, or chemical, or both?

I recommend physical exfoliators for more-sensitive skin because you can titrate the intensity up and down based on how much, how often, and how much pressure you use.

Chemical exfoliators are less modifiable for sensitive skin but are better at turning over deeper layers of the skin, which will likely benefit those of you needing more brightening rather than just texture improvement and unclogging pores.

Go-to weeknight recipe?

The Whole Foods prepared aisle. Young kids make civilized cooking a challenge midweek. But weekends lately have been cast-iron skillet chicken breast and vegetables.

Current goop shop obsession(s)?

GOOPGLOW 15% Glycolic Overnight Glow Peel and G.Tox Malachite + AHA Pore Refining Tonic.

Preferred form of exercise?

An elliptical with a well-positioned Netflix screen.

Best skin-care product for the over-forty upgrade?

After sunscreen and retinols, my patients in the forty-plus category are encouraged to use antioxidants internally and topically on a routine basis. Good idea to do all we can to reduce free radical damage to our DNA, and the topical strategies might help reduce free radical damage from ultraviolet light exposure.

Wouldn’t leave home without?


Drink of choice?

Milk (to go with cookies).

Proudest moment?

Too many to say. Professionally I’ll admit one was being named a “goop favorite.”