Rock Juice is the closest you can get (tied with Peoples in NYC) to a digital personal sommelier. San Francisco–based Melissa Gisler Modanlou is a former restaurateur, advanced sommelier, and a serious tastemaker when it comes to natural wine. Modanlou’s dedication to shipping and serving (and sipping) wines free from coloring agents, stabilizers, and flavor manipulators caught our attention. Rock Juice mainly stocks bottles from vintners and importers the team knows personally and vets for quality. Sign up to receive a box of three, six, or twelve bottles monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. Each delivery comes with detailed tasting notes and information on the producers. (We like to hang on to these paper gems and note the producers in regions we’re hoping to visit, so we can see the magic for ourselves.) To sign up with Rock Juice is to expand your palate and try rarely exported and never-seen-at-the-supermarket bottles from the cozy comfort of home base.