Loom is doula Erica Chidi Cohen’s home base in LA for women and families in every stage of their journey—thinking about conceiving, struggling, expecting, parenting, and everything in between. During the Roadmap class, you’ll learn more about the menstrual cycle and reproductive health than years of sex ed and Google searches could teach you. Baby Care Basics is a giant parents-to-be chill pill in the form of a two-hour class covering everything—diapering, sleeping, swaddling, all of it. After the baby is born, there’s baby massage, parents-and-me playgroups, feeding support, and so much more. Sessions with Cohen should be mandatory for body, sex, and overall wellness positivity, plus she—and every therapist, doula, lactation expert that works at Loom—is just so cool. The adorable, pastel-and-wood space hosts special events, talks, and drop-in playgroups regularly. (If you happen to be a new mother and can’t catch Coehn in person, check out her book, Nurture.)

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