LOOM is an online sexual and reproductive health education platform for people and families in every stage of their journey—thinking about conceiving, struggling, expecting, parenting, and everything in between. In the pregnancy and postpartum program, which is taught by cofounder and CEO Erica Chidi, you’ll learn about choosing care providers, preparing for birth, and how to protect your mental health and physical wellbeing during it all. The baby care basics guide covers everything from diapering, sleeping, and swaddling. And after the baby is born, there’s baby massage, feeding support, and so much more. In this fully digital version of LOOM, you’ll have access to on-demand videos, in-depth written guides, live events, and audio conversations with therapists, pediatricians, fertility doctors, and lactation experts. Chidi, who is a former doula and the author of Nurture, is our go-to for nonjudgmental, science-backed information beyond pregnancy and birth: programs on sex, intimacy, periods, and menopause are also coming soon to the platform.