Gwyneth x Blythe: On Mothers and Daughters

What do GP and Blythe Danner talk about when they get together? In this personal and candid episode of The goop Podcast, GP and her mom discuss the people and forces that shaped Blythe growing up, and as a woman, on and off the stage—including GP. They talk about what it was like acting together, why Blythe was hard on her daughter, and things they would have done—or said—differently. They talk about old boyfriends. They talk about Tinder and vibrators. They talk about the strange thing that happens when you win a major award (an Oscar for GP, a Tony for Blythe) at twenty-six. They talk about how much they love GP’s dad and still feel him with them. They talk about co-parenting and forgiveness. They talk about what’s left to accomplish—and the beauty of letting go.

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