Winter Horoscopes for Every Sign

Written by: Hedy Noemi


Published on: January 4, 2024


Astrologer and psychic Hedy Noemi is the founder of Nymph of Neptune. She offers 1-on-1 astrological readings, planetary birth chart analyses, and astrology-based life coaching in person or on Zoom. She shared what to look out for this winter as two major retrogrades end, planets hang out in three powerful signs, and eclipse season approaches.

The beginning of January is a great time for intention-setting and crystallizing your vision for the year ahead, thanks to an array of planets in Sagittarius, a sign which gifts us intellect, optimism, and faith. Between now and spring, we will enjoy the stability of Mars in Capricorn, helping us commit unwaveringly to pragmatism and our personal goals before Pisces season rewards us with a chance to inject colorful fantasy into our dreams. This winter will be about playing the long game—and letting Pisces season sprinkle some magic in while we wait.

Looking ahead: Eclipse season arrives on April 8 with a solar eclipse in Aries. Fear not if personal progress seems slower than you had hoped. With Mars conjunct Saturn, those with patience and persistence will thrive.

Your Astrological Outlook


It’s all very serious for you this winter—in the best of ways. From January until mid-April, the planets are occupying your sectors of finance, career, and networking. Jupiter was retrograde in your zone of financial security since early September, but just before New Year’s Eve, the planetary ruler of opportunity and support spun direct, restoring order to your financial world and emotional security. On February 20, Mars and Venus will align to stimulate your networking and community sector, ensuring that you are surrounded with inspiring, like-minded people. If there are opportunities to figure out how to work smarter instead of harder, February will push you to make changes and streamline how you do things.

March calls for some downtime, as Pisces season is all about rejuvenation. Venus will join Saturn to help you slow down around March 20, softening you into a temporary rest stop after a supercharged start to 2024. This is in preparation for your annual Aries new moon, which arises on April 8, opening up a fresh yearly cycle for you that continues the theme of enhancing your material security, thanks to Jupiter in Taurus. Come May, Jupiter will switch signs into a much more social arena for you, so make the most of your career opportunities this winter. Spring will turn your gaze away from spreadsheets and back to your favorite people.


Let your values guide you forward into 2024: You’re not interested in any external buzz or career activity if your experience isn’t rooted in a nourishing philosophy. Mercury spun direct in your house of learning, scripture, and spirituality on January 2, so enjoy easy access to intellectual inspiration. Seek and you shall find!

Satisfy your wanderlust with a spontaneous weekend trip during the winter months or plan a future adventure. Traveling or learning something new will shift your perspective, which will inform your creative choices at work. As the planets accompany us toward spring, Jupiter in Taurus will help you release any people or projects that no longer serve you. You’ve made radical changes in recent years thanks to Uranus in your sign, but just when you thought you couldn’t shake up anything else, the month of April will insist on authenticity in all areas. Make sure you get extra sleep throughout April, as Venus in your sector of dreams and the subconscious could bring valuable insights that can guide your waking life.


Mercury spun direct in your relationship house on January 2, dear Gemini, which helps restore the peace and untangle crossed wires between you and your loved ones. February then gives you the chance to take things to a deeper level, as Venus and Mars get cozy in your secretive house of intimacy, psychology, and transformation. This is not the time to sweep things under the rug; instead, explore tougher conversations with your SO—or even with yourself. Once the psychic laundry has been done, your intimate life will bloom. So go within to enjoy the deeper gifts of this astrology. When Jupiter finally enters your sign on May 30—for the first time in 12 years—your life will resume its usual extroverted state.


Twenty twenty-four begins by restoring order to your health and wellness sector, thanks to Mercury spinning direct on January 2. If you hunkered down and got cozy throughout the holidays, Mars will help you take on the world with confidence again. Resist the temptation to procrastinate or move slowly into the new year; the planets are boosting your organizational skills, so you should feel refreshingly in control and ready to multitask.

The full moon on January 25 will turn your attention back to your personal life, as it illuminates your intimacy and transformation zone. February 20 brings an alignment of Mars and Venus that will either take your sex life to the next level or bring up insights on your solo healing journey. Stay patient when the solar eclipse arrives in your career sector on April 8—Mars aligns with Saturn to ensure you have a crystal-clear vision before moving forward. Remember that Saturn delays rewards but never denies them!


Winter 2024 brings protective energy to your most important relationships. You start the year with Mercury spinning direct in your passionate house of self-expression and romance. Then on February 20, Mars and Venus, the planets of divine love, align in your relationship sector. Your sign relates to the importance of sovereign selfhood and leadership, but this February beckons you to heal—or simply strengthen—the bonds between you and an important person.

Jupiter turned direct on December 31 in your career zone, restoring order to your goals after a lengthy retrograde. So until May 30, you have strong astral support for your reputation and relations with bosses or mentors. The more you tend to your inner circle now, the easier the path will be to outer success.


You start 2024 with the planets strengthening your home base and boosting your imagination to plant new seeds. Mars will keep you mentally robust and able to push through any challenges thanks to a welcome stubborn streak. You’re able to flow toward spring with quiet confidence, thanks to Saturn stabilizing your opposite sign of Pisces. Even if excitement isn’t a familiar feeling this winter, the stars are gifting you something more valuable: faith and determination.

Jupiter moves into your reputation and career zone from May 30 onward, so don’t worry if external results aren’t quick to show themselves; they’ll come this summer. For now, focus on what Virgo does best: tending to the details. On February 20, when Venus and Mars align in your organization zone, streamline your life so you can have clarity on where you’re headed. This will also leave room for the intimacy that April’s eclipses will promise you.


If you can ease yourself gently into the new year, you’ll have stronger footing when your astrology accelerates toward February. As a Libra, you rarely overindulge or allow yourself to become undisciplined; your innate sense of balance keeps you centered. However: If you can allow yourself to find comfort in home and family this January, you’ll feel ready to pull the trigger on whatever needs your initiative when Mars and Venus align on February 20 in your passionate house of expression and leadership.

Jupiter moves into fellow air sign on May 30, expanding your perspective and bringing more levity to your life—but until then, enjoy Jupiter’s transit through your sultry intimacy sector. The next few months are an excellent time to find those subtle breakthroughs either in your personal development or in the healing of an important relationship. Stay ruthlessly honest and authentic as you navigate your way toward the solar eclipse in your relationship house on April 8. Winter is the time to pull out the weeds and make space for a transformative spring.


Because Mercury just spun direct in your savings sector, you’re starting 2024 with your mind on your finances, helping you put together a realistic vision of how to manage this year’s spending before your more creative astrology arrives: Venus and Mars stir up passion or artistry in your home on February 20. Whether this looks like finally redecorating that pesky corner you’re frustrated with or simply feeling an internal surge of confidence to express yourself, it’s a temporary spark that could light a bigger flame to carry you into spring.

The planets stir up your communication sector in February. This could suddenly bring a busier social schedule that dies down as quickly as it fired up, so reap the benefits while it lasts and nurture your network. Use the next few months to open dialogues with trusted colleagues or old friends. March brings a desire for romance and some lighthearted activities while Venus is in your pleasure zone, so cut yourself some slack and prioritize play. Winter 2024 is for softening the edges of your experience and finding satisfaction within the hard work.


Mercury spun direct in your sign on January 2, and your ruler Jupiter did the same just before New Year’s Eve, which means your 2024 begins with some blessed acceleration. The celestial architects Venus and Mars will spend January aligned in your security zone, giving you a chance to ground into self-confidence and find emotional strength before making any big moves. These are months to stabilize and connect with yourself before welcoming new players into your life. There will be plenty of mingling with other souls once Jupiter enters your relationship zone on May 30, but before then, the stars want you to step into complete sovereignty. Keeping a journal this February is an excellent way to make use of Venus and Mars as they move into your communication sector. The mind will be buzzing with creative ideas—best to capture them on paper while they’re fresh.

Any challenges that arise this winter are simply to help you strengthen your vision so when your external reality shifts, you have a rock-solid foundation. The solar eclipse on April 8, should finally reward your patience.


January 2024 hands you the torch: This month, the planets align in your sign, dear Capricorn. For the first time in two years, you get to enjoy Mars boosting your confidence and helping you tackle any persistent obstacles. Staying grounded in the body throughout this winter will satisfy any excess restlessness due to the abundant energy in your sign; tap into your inner athleticism through challenging workouts or hikes. Spiritually, Mars in Capricorn will help you freely express your personal desires and resist the urge to people-please.

Then on February 20, Mars and Venus move into your financial security sector, prompting a quick review of your savings or any wealth-related goals for the year ahead. Let the people you love inspire your success this winter. Jupiter sits in your house of children, self-expression, and love until May, and while this benevolent planet stirs your heart, it aligns with your financial sector. Connect to your values and let the rest unfold.


Your aloof sign often prefers to operate solo and not get too enmeshed in relationships. But this winter you’re being called to challenge your reputation, and make intimacy a priority. On February 20, Venus and Mars (the planets of romantic love) get together in your sign for a short but feisty alignment that will show you where your heart is at. The question is: Can you drop into it?

Jupiter has just turned direct after a lengthy retrograde in the core of your chart—your home sector. From now until spring, this will help you take on a different approach to relationships both platonic and romantic, perhaps softening your gaze so you can get a different view on the people that surround you. Mercury charging through your communication sector for most of March will help you eloquently express yourself. The more you can speak from your own heart this winter, the better you’ll understand yourself in reflection of the other.


Prioritize your spiritual practice this winter to prepare for an epic bloom in spring. Although you start 2024 with Mercury direct in your career zone, which might tempt you to put all your focus on ambitious goals, the energy quickly shifts gear in February to create the perfect ambiance for a profound meditative experience. Venus and Mars align in your sleepy house of meditation, closure, and release on February 20, while Mercury could stir up some particularly vivid dreams. Drop shamelessly into this period of abundant inner exploration and creative incubation.

It won’t last forever, because on April 8 a solar eclipse arrives in your financial security zone, causing you to ground into pragmatic choices. The good thing is you don’t have to choose between the spiritual and the pragmatic. Let the softer energy of February nourish you. The rest of 2024 will demand a unique Piscean leadership that can be found only in unexpected places.