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Ask an Intuitive: Will I Have Kids?

Erika Gabriel

If you’ve browsed our Rolodex of intuitives and healers, you know that we get by with a little help from our psychic friends. And if you haven’t, we thought you might want to hear from them. In this column, we ask our favorite intuitives for a little help from the other side with love, career, and everything else. Next up is Erika Gabriel, an international spiritual medium. Feel free to send your own questions to [email protected].

Dear goop, I just turned thirty-five and recently broke up with my boyfriend of five years. It feels like a setback, as if I’ve lost time. I’m starting all over, and now I also feel pressure about starting a family. Is this still part of my path? —Danielle D., Los Angeles

Danielle, Thank you so much for your question. I loved working with your spirit guides and tuning in to Spirit for you!

You will, 100 percent, without a doubt, have your precious and healthy children. When speaking with your guides, I hear an emphatic “Yes!” They want you to let go of any worries, doubts, and fears you may be holding on to as it relates to having children.

Although you might be thinking this won’t happen for you until way down the line, I actually see you having a baby sooner than you think. Your guides are asking you to adopt the mantra “And so it is” when you think about having kids. Think of this as a confirmation for yourself that all is well and that your children are currently finding their way to you. Everything happens in divine timing, and you have so much to look forward to.

Whatever timeline American society has put on you, it’s time to respond back with “No thank you” and “I do not accept.” Other people’s thoughts on your timing is just that: their thoughts and their own personal reactions to timing. They have no power over you or your path unless you give it to them. Whatever box or restrictions they feel are theirs. You are safe to create your own path, timeline, and adventures. Continue to stay focused on where you’re going—no need to look at what everyone else is doing. Disconnect from stressful limitations that do not align with your heart or serve your highest good.

Part of your journey has been forging your own path. You have chosen the road a little less traveled, and you should continue to travel it. Don’t second-guess yourself: You are doing great. Align your energy with all the beautiful things you want to see in your life—like kids—and keep moving forward. Anxiety arises when we are living in the future or in the past. Keep moving yourself to the present moment and always remember “And so it is.”

For anyone else struggling with this particular idea: Timing is such a dynamic topic because it applies to absolutely everyone and can be so frustrating. At the same time, nothing teaches us life lessons like time. It teaches us elements of gratitude, having faith, and surrendering.

For example, if you take a moment to take stock of what you have right now, when you look back on it in a few months or a few years, you’ll realize that you have exactly what you wanted and tried for.

If you’re not feeling gratitude for what you have in this moment, how can there possibly be space for more? Know that the things you want are on their way and will come to you just as so many things in your life already have. Fear and anxiety only create more fear and anxiety. At times, those chaotic feelings can prolong the gifts that are on their way to you right now.

Think of it like going to a restaurant, placing an order, and then receiving the thing you ordered at your table. Once you place your order, do you feel self-doubt, anxiety, or fear that it may never come? No, you have faith that it is on its way. Well, guess what? That is how the universe works, too. Set your sights on what you want and move toward it every day with faith and gratitude.

Being able to feel the feeling of receiving what you want ahead of time actually aligns your energy with the very thing you want. So if it’s a baby, imagine your baby in your arms. Let the vision in! You are creating the vision for your life, so dare to dream. Feel good, excited, and in gratitude when you think about your dreams—not darkness and fear.

In terms of outside pressure: Do not accept it into your life. Everyone is here for a reason. Your reason is precious, sacred, special, and unlike anyone else’s reason. You can’t control timing, but you can set yourself free of the chaotic feelings along the way. Remember everything happens in divine timing, and the universe is always on your side.

Many, many blessings,

Erika Gabriel is a spiritual medium based in Haverford, Pennsylvania.