What Intuitives and Healers Are Drawing On for Strength

Written by: the Editors of goop


Updated: April 9, 2020

We asked a few talented healers how they are approaching this time filled with so much confusion, fear, and uncertainty. They shared with us what they’ve drawn on for strength, tips for maintaining emotional and spiritual health, ways to find meaning and purpose, and how we can continue to foster community. Whether you consider yourself a spiritual person or are just now diving into this world, we hope you find some solace, guidance, or just a reminder that you’re not alone.


Deganit Nuur is a renowned spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, acupuncturist, writer, and lecturer. She’s offering free weekly meditations right now and additional spiritual support. She has found the most strength in giving—and not just financially. She explains why:

You will feel empowered in a time of uncertainty. When nothing feels like it’s under control, you’ll feel in control of your time, your efforts, your energy field, and your impact. Giving places us in a power position, which is a nice antidote to feeling a little helpless.

What we focus on grows. Giving keeps you focused on solutions rather than problems. It’s a shift in perspective that can make all the difference in your mood and outlook. You won’t worry about whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you are the light.

You have purpose. Offering others your light reminds you of that. We all have different gifts and talents, and this world needs exactly what you have to offer. No gifts are too small or too big. To change everything, we need everyone, including you. Whether you’re hosting a book club, offering to tutor your sister’s kids, delivering groceries to the elderly, or holding space for a grieving loved one, you matter.


Kelsey Patel is one of LA’s leading wellness and Reiki practitioners and a guide to coming back from burnout. Her first book, Burning Bright, comes out April 28 (you can preorder now).

The most helpful thing for me right now has been to create a self check-in every morning. It’s simple and has been incredibly supportive. After I wake up and do a few minutes of meditation or prayer or self-Reiki, I’ll then ask myself: What is something I want to do, create, or connect with today that will help me feel a sense of purpose or well-being for my mind, body, and spirit. It might be movement, cleaning up, completing an old project, calling a certain friend, eating nourishing foods, taking a bath, listening to a new podcast, etc. Whatever it is, I make sure to do that one thing at some point in my day, and it helps me feel like I’ve done something to meet my needs.

I’ve also been sharing regular videos online with EFT—emotional freedom technique, aka tapping. The videos focus on stress, fear, and overwhelm. I’ve also been sending distant Reiki healing to people every Friday and just sharing as much of my own personal journey as possible to help people remember that we are in this all together.

Lianda Swain is an intuitive advisor and a master energy healer. She offers monthly counseling, intuitive readings, energy medicine, prayer, and classes in sensual dance.

I am finding it most important to face whatever we are feeling within with love, compassion, and as much gentleness as we can in the moment. To practice patience, forgiveness, and caring for ourselves and others. For many, this is a time to reflect and notice how we truly feel about our lives and the world at large. What a time to go deeper. What a time to unearth unique gifts we never knew we had. What a time to listen to our hearts, the earth, and one another. What a time to be here, present, in this moment.


Jennifer Freed, PhD, MFT, is a psychological astrologer who has been teaching and consulting worldwide for over thirty years. We asked her: What can we learn from this?

  1. None of us is safe and free unless all of us are. Do what you can every day for those who have less than you.

  2. Spread faith instead of fear. Base your faith in facts and behaviors that serve the highest good instead of the privileged few. Keep a positive mindset and spread that instead of sharing doom and gloom.

  3. Realize that every common enemy on this earth has been defeated by erasing separation and coming together as one informed community.

  4. Support the arts, because as we regroup and become more local and regional, our muses and inspirers will need to have income not based on traveling performances. Take one moment right now to picture the world without concerts, exhibits, theater, public events, etc. Think of creative ways to keep all the arts sustained.

  5. Consider for one moment how the greatest polluters, airlines and ships, are being grounded to some degree. Pause to think about the climate and how the virus of human life has caused the earth not to breathe. Let’s do better, reimagining a world in which humans do less harm to our mother and one another.


Tina Powers is a former news anchor and reporter who now works as a professional medium. Powers lectures on intuition and holds private sessions with clients at the world-renowned Miraval Resort in Arizona.

In this time we are being asked to be human beings instead of human doings. For those who aren’t on the front lines, this is a time of rest—not of shame and guilt around our lack of productivity. Productivity can be the enemy of inner work. So in this time, we are walking deeper into our hearts, seeing what works in our world, for ourselves and collectively, and what doesn’t or isn’t useful anymore—to really tap into what we value rather than what we thought we valued.

Also, as a former newscaster, I would say to be aware but not plugged in 24/7. I’ve told my clients to try to make a time limit, maybe ten minutes a day. You’re going to get everything you need to hear in those ten minutes. I’ve also been telling my clients to notice when they are hanging on to their “what ifs” and “if onlys.” And to try to make the shift to “what is.” “What is” can be as simple as “I’m sitting in this chair and I’m safe.”

Cyndi Dale is the author of twenty-seven books about energy medicine and has worked with over 65,000 clients.

One of the energetic techniques I’ve been using to help my clients is called Boosting Your Protective Energetic Field. This technique relies on the use of subtle energies. Everything is composed of energy, but there are two types. Physical energy is measurable. Obvious physical energies include our material bodies. Subtle energies are less measurable. During a crisis, we want to work with subtle energies, not only physical, because physical energies are often organized by subtle energies. Change the subtle energies involved in a situation and the physical self can balance and shift.

Boost your protective energetic field: We are all surrounded by an auric field, a stack of subtle fields that filter incoming energies. The auric fields decide what will or will not enter our chakras, body, and mind. Our auric fields can be energetically programmed to help keep out others’ anxieties and fears.

  1. Take a few deep breaths and connect with your spirit or the Greater Spirit.

  2. Get a sense of your current auric field. You might visualize a beautiful medley of colors, hear the humming produced by the field overall, or simply sense this surrounding field.

  3. Request protective programming. Request that your spirit or the Greater Spirit fills in any holes in this field. Glaring holes, slits, or weak spots are often reflective of negative beliefs or experiences.

  4. Ask to receive all the energies—colors, tones, thoughts, and truths—needed to program this field so it can keep you from absorbing others’ anxieties. Psychically sense, feel, hear, or watch these changes taking place and feel the strength of your newly refreshed energetic boundaries.

Nicki Bonfilio is an intuitive counselor in private practice with clients all over the globe. She has trained in a number of disciplines, including breathwork, birth coaching, alchemical healing, and astrology.

If you surrender and accept what’s happening, things will get easier. Our systems have been shocked. But being in resistance to what is will surely make your current state worse. You cannot, to a significant extent, control your circumstances—being relegated to your home for the foreseeable future. So instead, acknowledge your control over your attitude. Accept the current limitations; do not express frustration that they exist, as that changes nothing except to raise your blood pressure.

Our hands can be used to heal, ground, and soothe. Place one hand on your belly and one on your heart. Breathe in deeply and feel the warmth of your hands. As you exhale, send soft white energy into your body through your hands. Imagine these calming, soft rays of light radiating from your hands. You will feel their effect in your body instantly. You will notice your breath begin to slow. Soften your shoulders. Feel the ground under your feet. You are here. You are healthy. You are safe.


Laura Lynne Jackson is the New York Times–bestselling author of Signs and The Light between Us. She’s a psychic medium, teacher, and beloved speaker.

I learned long ago that the earth is a school—and that we are all here learning a collective lesson in love. We are learning this together. We are all more connected than we can fathom—inextricably linked to each other’s lives and journeys.

Our greatest power has always been our power to love and help one another. And we are being called upon to recognize this and summon it from the deepest parts of ourselves.

We are being challenged to reach into our depths and rise together. To recognize, as Mother Teresa said, “we belong to each other.” Every single person is being called upon in some way—whether that means going in to work the front lines or staying home to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Everyone is being asked to rise and become the best version of themselves.

And here is what I know: You are never alone. You are connected to others here and also to a powerful, loving team of light on the other side. Call and text others here, check on them, and let them know you are thinking of them and that you care. And ask your team of light on the other side—God, angels, guides, loved ones who have crossed—to send you signs that they are with you. Make the signs specific. You will get them!

We are all more loved than we can imagine—and are more capable of loving and showing up for others than we have known. Together, we can and will get through this. Because we belong to each other and always will.