Your Spring Horoscope for Energy, Opportunity, and Love

Written by: Carolyne Faulkner


Published on: March 2, 2023


Photo courtesy of Serafina Logiacco

Each sign loves differently. Fire signs love passionately, throwing themselves into relationships headfirst. Air signs believe in independence and freedom, and they’re rooted in the belief that eternal bonds have no strings attached. Earth signs pursue permanence in an impermanent world. And water signs seek emotional nourishment and intuitive connection.

My book, The Signs in Love, is a guide to leveraging the wisdom of astrology to find and maintain lasting love. But it’s my belief that understanding your signs can help you more deeply understand yourself—not just in love, but in every energy, opportunity, and perspective you move through.

Here’s a holistic look at the months ahead.



Venus is in your sign until March 16, which means it’s time to focus on what and whom you really love and adjust your expectations if they are unrealistic. Aries is all about making moves, and Venus can set the bar way too high when it comes to expectations. The new moon in Aries on March 21 is perfectly poised to help you manifest your goals and dreams, and the full moon opposite your sign on April 6 will be a great time to release. When Jupiter leaves your sign on May 16, that’s the time to take opportunities and make moves.


Ever since it joined Aquarius in 2020, Saturn has been opposing your sign, challenging your life’s status quo and your general sense of self. It finally shifts into Pisces on March 7: You may now sigh with relief. Focus on matters of life and love with a fresh perspective and you’ll have the ability to make lasting changes. Pluto will oppose your sign starting on March 23. This is all about the transformation and change that arise from chaos; accept all that Pluto brings with grace. Mars brings you energy, drive, and attraction from April 20 to July 10—giving you a much-needed vitality boost.


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, has been bouncing between Pisces (reflective vibe) and Aries (go-go-go dynamism) since October 2022. While there must have been many changes and great accomplishments during that time, that stop-start energy is about to change as Jupiter moves into the grounded earth sign Taurus, where it’ll stay until 2024. Although there will be retrograde phases, there won’t be a sign switch, and as Taurus is ruled by Venus, this bodes well for a lasting love if you are not in a committed union, and it breathes fresh love into existing partnerships that may have become stale or stagnant.



Venus is in your sign from March 16 to April 11, inviting you to embrace love and harmony in all aspects of your life. Opening your heart is the way to make the most of this magic. Jupiter will be moving into your sign on May 16. That’s a big deal: Although I believe the real abundance begins the year after Jupiter’s stay, this is the beginning of a once-in-12-years cycle in which Jupiter will encourage you to spiritualize your life and address imbalances.


On March 7, Saturn shifts into your opposite sign Pisces for about the next year, which will impact you greatly. Saturn is associated with karma. And as it moves into Pisces, it heralds an immense opportunity to clear up your karma and create a new way of operating in your personal and professional lives. Specifically: It’s time to leave fear behind. This may all seem like hard work, but Virgo isn’t afraid of hard work, as long as it’s for good reason. And clearing up past karma gives you freedom from deeply ingrained habits that may be holding you back. In July, the courageous warrior planet Mars glides into your sign, encouraging you to make brave and bold moves. Embrace real love in both work and romance.


We’ve all been under the influence of Pluto in Capricorn; it’s been uprooting us and the old guard of authority and power since November 2008 and ushering in new players, especially in the digital arena. Pluto demolishes systems that don’t work and encourages you to rebuild on a firmer footing. Depending on how you view upheaval, commitments, responsibility—and your attitude to authority in general—this may have been especially challenging or especially riveting for you. All that is going to change when Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 23, giving you a break from what has now become normal and ushering in more joy and love. From March 23 to June 11, you will get a little taste of how that freedom will feel, and then, in November 2024, Pluto leaves your sign for this lifetime.



Saturn’s stay in Aquarius has made your life seem like hard work. This ends on March 7 when Saturn shifts into Pisces. And on March 23, Pluto trines with Aquarius, inviting you to rebuild what may have broken—only with more resources and support than you had before.

Mars has been in your sign since last August and will be there until March 25, pushing you to go after what you really want in love. The influence of this planet ricochets into your career: Mars is brave and gives you the courage you need to pursue what previously may have felt out of reach. After it leaves your sign, Venus will step in on April 11—it will remain in Gemini until May 7—which increases your potential for romance tenfold. Mercury, the sign of agreements, works with your sign starting June 11; deals and commitments will be made.


Saturn in Aquarius (your fellow air sign) has been working with you since 2020. It’s been hard work, but the results ought to reveal themselves now. Jupiter’s yearlong stay in Aries opposed your sign. It’s likely that some magical people and events have appeared, but the push and pull between staying as you were or progressing was very real. Jupiter moves into Taurus, the other sign ruled by your ruling planet Venus, on May 16. This should be marvelous for you—progress will come more easily and contentment will beckon you.

You, just like the other air signs, will feel the impact of Pluto in Aquarius from March 23 until June, when Pluto will shift back into Capricorn and give air signs a chance to catch their breath. These planetary shifts will be bringing change to any areas of life that may have become tiresome or monotonous, so open your heart.


Saturn, the planet that governs restriction and cold hard facts, is preparing to leave your sign after two and half years. If you have faced your responsibilities and worked hard, the rewards are winging their way toward you. It’s good.

Many of you who know about Pluto moving into Aquarius have been afraid—Pluto has such a destructive and disruptive reputation—but you should choose faith and love over fear. You may safely take this year as a break from the obstacles you have faced. They had their place and reason, and if you take some time to reflect, you’ll see just how far they helped you come. Pluto stays in Aquarius for only three months this year (March 23 to June 11), so you’ll get a taste of what’s to come when Pluto enters Aquarius again in 2024. It’s more about transformation and change than negativity, so lean in.



Pluto has been impacting you since it entered your opposite sign, Capricorn, in 2008, portending the process of birth, death, and transformation. When it leaves Capricorn for a few months starting in March, you’ll feel freer than you have in years. It leaves Capricorn for good in 2024.

Mars, the planet of drive, career, and sexuality, moves into your sign on March 25, boosting your energy levels. Mars’s stay in Cancer goes until May 20, but the positive results will last longer if you reserve your emotional energy for your loved ones and detach from negativity at work, which may be interrupting your flow. Venus, the planet of love and confidence, moves into your sign from May 7 to June 5. Be brave and go after what you want with the self-assured divine-feminine vibe of Venus by your side.


Saturn moves into your sign in March, where it will remain until 2025. This is a time of deep commitment to love, life, and faith. You’re being asked to take refuge in a higher vision and to focus your energy into the right areas of life and the right people. Saturn is a taskmaster, and Pisces in its flow is gentle, accepting, and extremely intuitive, so the combination of the two could balance out brilliantly. Work with this planetary alignment by asserting boundaries gently and assertively. The commitments you make from now until Saturn leaves Pisces will stand the test of time.


Jupiter is in opposition to your sign from May 16, 2023, until May 25, 2024. This cosmic alignment is pushing you to shift your attitude, make peace with the past, forgive and forget failed unions, and let go of grudges. This is a time that should offer you real and lasting love. Jupiter is also about spirituality, so whatever is not in step with the universe may be pushed out. That’s not a bad thing; you are being trained to accept what you cannot change and bravely face what you can.

Carolyne Faulkner is a London-based astrologer and life coach. Her new book The Signs in Love is a guide to discovering your personal astrology and finding lasting love.

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