Spring Horoscopes for Every Sign

Written by: Hedy Noemi


Published on: March 28, 2024


Photo courtesy of Annika Kafcaloudis/Stills.com

When we’re due for a planetary check-in, we turn to astrologer and psychic Hedy Noemi. Her horoscopes—which she shares every season—are solid guidance: They’re direct but never too prescriptive, showing us where there’s space for each of us to accept (or push against) the energy astrology offers us. Read yours for direction now and bookmark it for reflection later.

(Noemi offers one-on-one astrological readings, planetary birth chart analyses, and astrology-based life coaching in person or on Zoom.)



This season, the planets align in Aries, activating your notable strengths and fortifying your determination in significant ways. Caution yourself against feelings of impatience or frustration if there are delays in the unfolding of your dreams. Mars—your planetary ruler of courage, strength, and risk-taking—is in your sign only once every two years, so trust that the planets promise a successful outcome for your efforts, even if not on your ideal timeline.

The full moon at the end of April asks you to make time for intimacy and prioritize your closest bonds. Allow yourself some time to rest from the pursuit of your goals and connect with others. There is big potential for relationship healing at the end of April, which could steady your foundation before you plow forward into May with renewed strength.


The cosmos is giving you permission to snooze a while longer as all the planets line up in your house of sleep, spirituality, and healing through the arrival of spring. Then, change will come on April 21, when Jupiter collides with Uranus in your sign. Should you need to turn over a fresh leaf, that will be a chance to break new ground with decisiveness. Use the first few weeks of April to strengthen your roots and get clear on your vision so you’re ready to maximize the planetary encouragement coming your way at the end of April.

The cosmic support continues to build for you toward the end of May, particularly on the 19th—when your ruler, Venus, will collide with the awakener Uranus. Adopting a gentle approach to all your pursuits might give surprisingly positive results. The lesson this spring is about how to draw your objectives into your field by focusing on your internal creative force. Mars will enter your sign in June, asking you to be alert and push. Receive with ease until then.


Spring wants to help you balance and further expand your network as the planets move through your friendship zone all April. This spring, it’s key to find the sweet spot between stepping into a role of leadership and nurturing diplomatic ties. You’re known for your natural ability to bring out the best in others, and this April wants to bring you support from outside to help nourish your own talent. In late April, Venus conjunct Chiron will create room for healing in female friendships. Whether in your work or your personal life, as you amplify the energy of others, let others also reflect the best in you.

Since May 2023, Jupiter has encouraged your spiritual evolution and perhaps caused more need for introspection than you normally desire. That energy phases out mid-May 2024, when Jupiter makes a bold entrance in Gemini for the first time in 12 years. This opens up a one-year window of expansion that encourages you to claim the resources you need in the forms of both money and allies. Jupiter is the bringer of confidence, so bask in self-trust and have faith that there is cooperation all around you.


If you sometimes feel as though your efforts go unnoticed, this spring the planets will turn the spotlight on you and bring you the praise you deserve. Your compassionate sign is often happy to help others (or serve in the workplace) from a place of love, but the solar eclipse on April 8 wants to see you receive accolades or gain traction in whatever form you desire. However, you may have to switch gears in your approach to align with this abundant energy that wants to return to you what you have consistently put out.

If stepping outside yourself to please others is a habit, April 2024 will bring the chance to adopt a new stance of firm resolve in your worth so others can meet you halfway. The full moon on April 24 urges you to embrace your heart’s desires and take up more space. Whether in romance or at work, remember that nobody wants to see you shrink. Spring 2024 is here to help you become more full-bodied in all aspects.


Abiding by the rules will bring you surprising rewards. The planets will travel through your zones of leadership and reputation in April and May, activating your ambition in the workplace. The next few months highlight your need to stay disciplined and act in alignment with your vision. Luckily there is little distraction for you, thanks to Saturn stabilizing the course ahead all year long.

The month of May invites you to inject some of your own unique creativity into your work. Host meetings in real time or in a beautiful setting. If working with others, inspire them to innovate; set your own example. The full moon on April 23 will be in your zone of learning and self-expression. If something feels off, the trick to realignment is all in your communication. Finesse your words and watch the knots untangle this spring.


Spring 2024 is here to remind you that you are allowed to have audacious requests from the universe regarding your financial abundance. As the planets line up in your wealth and transformation zone this April, there are questions to ask yourself about what it is that you want to make happen. Explore whether there might be subconscious beliefs in place that are blocking your path to a new financial experience. If it all sounds a bit abstract, it’s because before you live a different reality with money, you have to claim it within yourself.

By the time May rolls around, the energy lightens and the focus turns to learning, enjoyment, and perhaps some short-distance travel. For some Virgos, this spring could trigger a desire to switch career paths as Jupiter and Uranus align to shift your sense of purpose. There is no need to make sudden changes, but instead take the opportunity to listen to those urges and how they could find expression in harmony with your current role.


This spring is an invitation for you to drop deeper into your relationships. The solar eclipse on April 8 opens a potent window of change and transformation in all your significant ties with others. Mercury will be retrograde for most of April in this same part of your chart, so old conversations may ask to be revisited—whether you want to enter the discussion or not. This is the time for using your voice and speaking up for your desires.

The planets throughout April and May want to nurture and support you into a softer place of operation. Remember that you must agree to that process. Venus holds space for transformation in the deepest part of your chart, so if you operate from a place of tenderness these next few months, you will come out on the other side of spring with a more robust energy. Mars will trigger your sign in June, so your time for action will come soon enough.


Spring 2024 asks you to prioritize and strategize for best results. With the planets moving through your health and organization zone, this is about more than staying on top of your goals. April wants to teach you one key tool that can be applied to all life areas: discernment. Maintaining firm boundaries around your time will shift your experience, allowing more space for you to spend time with your loved ones and family.

If you need it, the planets are promising excellent guidance throughout April and May in the form of strong intuition, which will be bolstered by Jupiter. However, as Mercury will be retrograde for most of April, this is not the time to try something new. Instead, notice if useful insights crop up through dreams or in the mundane moments of your day. The solution you need could find you unexpectedly.

Ultimately the key to finding flow this spring is to simplify everything externally and narrow your focus to the actions that will lead you to what you want. Whether that’s more money or new relationships, it all starts with self-care. If you need to make decisions at work, reduce the outside noise so you can tap into your inner analysis. The full moon on April 23 in your sign will show you clearly where you stand.


This is the time to drop into the pursuit of pleasure. As April gets started, the planets are busy in your house of creativity and joy, giving you a chance to express yourself without reserve. Inquire within if something feels stagnant at work. Jupiter and Uranus align on April 21 to help you back your own ideas and believe in the value of risk.

As a Jupiter-ruled sign, you’ll find your life flows best when you connect with a higher truth or some form of spiritual practice. This spring wants to remind you that you liberate others whenever you give yourself freedom through self-expression. The full moon on April 23 will occur in your zone of spirituality and the subconscious, so make time for connection with the rituals that ground and guide you forward. Ultimately April and May are months that remind you to never look outside yourself for the leader.


You have the rest of the year to build and manifest something. For the next couple of months, enjoy the gentle pull inward back toward your home and yourself. Venus and Chiron align in the deepest part of your chart this spring, inviting you to spend more time with family or loved ones.

If you give yourself exactly what you need this April, you’ll allow the planets to smooth over rough edges from the past nine months. Your productivity will benefit. Mars is in your zone of perspective until May 1, which means it’s a great time to refine your vision and brush up on any theory that might better equip you once things accelerate.


Fear not the material aspect of life this spring, dear Aquarius. Mars and Neptune together in your financial zone could create some sort of confusion in April, so wait a while before examining the details of your balance sheet. Come back later—when the fog has lifted—to really understand your situation.

April is best used for creative writing, talk therapy, and getting involved in your community. As the planets stir up multiple avenues of creative inspiration this spring, it’s okay to say yes to a little bit of everything before you choose what you’re committing to. That time will roll around with the full moon on April 23, when your desires will have crystallized, and you will understand where your energy output benefits you most.

Your pursuits will finally take root in May. There are beautiful minds who want to listen to you speak and hear about your plans. Engage—and enjoy the audience cheering you on.


From now until the end of May, you are birthing yourself all over again. Mars, Saturn, and Neptune are aligned in your sign, stirring up mixed signals about whether to push forward or stay put and do some more groundwork. This can create a sense of contraction that, if you surrender to it, will act as a wonderful creative incubator. Saturn in your sign is here to give you the gift of patience and allow you to move slowly into a new phase without rushing the process.

Trust the process this spring. And don’t worry if you can’t see the end goal clearly. Receive new opportunities with an open heart and trust they’re leading you somewhere strong. It will all weave itself together eventually. You can use the new moon solar eclipse on April 8 to heal limiting beliefs around money or put in place an action plan to move toward a higher income. Meanwhile, Neptune and Mars will work behind the scenes to clear away outdated thought patterns that might be holding you back.