We All Get
Signs from the
Other Side

The signs from the universe can be subtle, at first: a butterfly landing on your arm, a license plate with the birthday of a loved one who has passed away. Psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson calls this type of message a default sign. Small potatoes. They are the signs we all get, whether we ask for them or not. We pick them apart or maybe forget them before they can become something more.

For her second book, Signs, Jackson chose to put the universe to the test. She shares the stories of regular (nonpsychic) people who have asked their friends, family, and spirit guides on the other side to deliver signs: the rarest deer in Florida, a purple elephant, turtles, mermaids. What they receive in response suggests that the universe is listening.

You can preorder Signs now, and while you wait for it to arrive, Jackson is letting us share one of our favorite passages from the book. The language of the universe, it reminds us, can be simple. And it can be extraordinary.


Back in 2015 I was asked to speak at an event hosted by my publisher, Penguin Random House. A car was sent to my home on Long Island to pick me up and bring me into Manhattan. During the drive, I was quiet. I was thinking about the talk and the things I wanted to share with those in attendance. I should tell you that I have two modes: normal mode and reading mode. When I am open to the Other Side, I am really open. But when I am in normal mode, I’m shut tight. I’ve found that if I’m open too much and do too many readings, it can be physically and emotionally exhausting for me and I can get worn down.

What’s more, reading someone’s energy without his or her permission is invasive—kind of like peeking at someone’s underwear; it’s just not right. So on the drive into the city, being in normal mode, I shut off that part of myself that is open to the Other Side.

And still…someone pushed through.
Someone connected to the driver.
I didn’t say anything at first; in fact, it was the driver, a pleasant middle-aged man named Maximo, who spoke first.
“If I may ask, what is your book about?” he said politely.
I told him who I was and what was in my book.
“Oh well,” Maximo said, “that will be a good book for me to read.”
That was all it took. That was all the permission the Other Side needed. Now, whoever was pushing through came crashing through.

I paused, trying to decide if I should share what I was getting. But since Maximo had opened the conversation, I felt it would be okay.

“You have a son on the Other Side, don’t you?” I asked him, though the connection was so clear it was more of a statement than a question.

“Yes, I do,” Maximo said. “My stepson. His name is Rodrigo.”
That wasn’t the name I was hearing.
“Hmmmm,” I said, “the name that I’m hearing is a V name. It actually sounds like the word ‘version.’”

“Oh my God,” said Maximo. “Virgil. We called him Virgil.”
Then Virgil showed me something that seemed completely random.
“Why is he giving me a bowl of cereal?” I asked the driver. “Why does he want me to talk to you about cereal?”
Maximo took a deep breath.

“He was known for eating cereal,” he said with a laugh. “Breakfast, lunch, dinner, every day. I was worried he wasn’t getting enough nutrients. He just loved eating cereal.”

Then Maximo said he thought he’d recently received a sign from Virgil.

“You know, we had a conversation once, out of the blue, about what signs we would send each other if one of us died,” he explained. “And his sign was Ninja Turtles. He adored the Ninja Turtles.”

Maximo told me how he had forgotten that conversation by the time Virgil crossed in his early 20s. But then, one day, Maximo’s young daughter came home and announced her new obsession.

“She is crazy about the Ninja Turtles,” Maximo told me. “Suddenly she has to have everything with a Ninja Turtle. It came out of nowhere. I knew that was Virgil coming around, and that he was watching over her. I knew it was a sign for me, too.”

Virgil then showed me one more thing—he showed me an older man with a name that began with M. He showed me that the man was his grandfather, and that they were together on the Other Side. I shared that with Maximo.

“Oh my God,” Maximo said. “Virgil came to me in a dream, and I saw him with my father, who was also Maximo. They were together.”

At that moment I realized that every message Virgil conveyed to me was a message that Maximo had already received.

“You don’t need me,” I told him. “You’re already communicating with your son. He came through just to validate your experiences. But you are already connecting with him all the time.”

My whole conversation with Maximo affirmed what he already knew—that his son was still with him, deeply wishing to connect. Maximo already knew that Virgil was reaching out to him through his dreams, through his daughter, and in other ways. The signs, the language, even Maximo’s acceptance of the connection were all already there. And yet, if he had any doubts about the veracity of this form of communication, they were chased away by Virgil, who validated them through me.

Chances are, you and I are not going to end up in the same car together. We might, but, you know, it’s not something we can count on happening. So let me take this opportunity, right here, right now, to give you what Virgil gave Maximo through me—validation:
You are receiving signs. The universe, God energy, your loved ones on the Other Side, and your spirit guides are sending them to you, reaching out and trying to connect with you. It is happening. It is happening a lot. And deep down, you already know it is.


Okay, you’re thinking, but how does it happen? How does a sign manifest? What is the engine that drives these signs and makes them possible? What is their battery, their power source?
We are.

When we shed our bodies, we all become part of the same universal life force—a massive swirl of light and love and energy. In other words, our energy—our light and our love—our consciousness—does not end when we physically die. It endures, and it links with the light energy of everyone else in the history of existence, connecting into one great, universal life force. This is the energy behind the powerful cords of light that connect us to the Other Side—and the energy behind the signs the Other Side sends us.

The energy is us. The battery is light and love. The power source is the eternal universe itself.
And the result is a force that can send us an orange—or a thousand oranges—just when we really need it.

Excerpted from Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe by Laura Lynne Jackson, to be published on June 18, 2019 by Spiegel & Grau, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright 2019 by Laura Lynne Jackson LLC. All rights reserved.

Laura Lynne Jackson is a medium certified by both the Forever Family Foundation and the Windbridge Institute. She is the author of The Light Between Us and Signs. You can catch her at events, workshops, and group readings through FFF.

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