Your Birthday Horoscope: Sagittarius

Written by: Hedy Noemi


Published on: November 29, 2023


Astrologer and psychic Hedy Noemi is the founder of Nymph of Neptune. She offers psychic readings, planetary birth chart analyses, and astrology-based life coaching in person or on Zoom. Here, she shares a birthday horoscope for Sagittariuses.

Jupiter has been keeping your nose to the grindstone in your sixth house of work, health, and wellness since May. This year is less about expansion and more about doubling down on creating a solid foundation for future dreams. Discipline is required until 2025 as Saturn asks you to commit to your deepest desires.

There’s a subtle shift happening in how you view the world, which will impact your daily life in useful ways if you let it. Allow this next year to imbue you with a newfound maturity that enhances all you set out to achieve. This is about doing fewer things but with more integrity and passion.


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