10 Energy Healers Offering Remote Sessions

Written by: the Editors of goop


Updated on: April 12, 2020


A spiritual check-in might include releasing old energy, realigning with your purpose, or just taking a beat to be instead of do. If you’re in need of some spiritual support: Many of our favorite intuitives and energy healers are currently offering distant sessions by phone. And there’s no need to worry that you’re getting a truncated version of their abilities; most good healers can connect without being with you in person and are used to working virtually with their clients. But always ask questions if you need more clarity.

  • Frank Butterfield

    Frank Butterfield

    Frank Butterfield is a master channel who communicates the messages of what he refers to as the Communion of Light. A session with Butterfield can be especially helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed, distressed, or confused. You can bring any question you may have, personal or global. Afterward, we usually feel a sense of clarity and reassurance, and we often feel that what we are searching for already exists within us. During this time, Butterfield is offering phone sessions at a discounted rate for new clients, as well as a free open-forum online series called The Metaphysics of a Global Event.

  • Dana Childs

    Dana Childs

    One of many things we love about Dana Childs: her soothing and uplifting nature. She’s a great match for empaths who need help navigating boundary challenges. And she is a firm believer that all healing is self-healing. Her intuitive healing sessions can guide you in discovering your inner purpose, cultivating self-awareness, and sometimes uncovering psychic gifts you didn’t know you had. She is currently taking on new clients and offering sessions by phone. (For more from Childs, listen to her on The goop Podcast).

  • Diane Goldner

    Diane Goldner

    During a phone session with energy healer Diane Goldner, she’ll talk to you about where you’re currently at and help you set an intention or goal for the session. You’ll both hang up, then she’ll begin the transmission. With her hands, she’ll scan your energy field for visceral cues on blocks and other challenges you have. And then she helps run gentle energy back through your body. She’ll check in afterward to share her findings. Some people fall right asleep, some people feel immediate relief, and for some people, it may take a week or so to notice a shift.

  • Sonja Grace

    Sonja Grace

    Mystic healer Sonja Grace focuses her sessions on powerful tools for understanding and communicating with your inner child and feminine and masculine energies. Grace also offers past life regressions—she believes some people may carry karmic wounds that could be holding them back in their present lives. (These sessions can get intense and wild—Grace also believes that alien energetic blocks can mess with our energy fields and that they can be cleared away.) She offers phone sessions; her waitlist is long, but she does offer urgent sessions that can be booked sooner.

  • Sita Hagenburg

    Sita Hagenburg

    Sita Hagenburg is a shamanic healer who focuses on finding the root causes of spiritual distress and bringing you back into balance. During the sessions, she plays a drum to shift her consciousness out of ordinary physical reality and into the spiritual realm. Hagenburg says the healing work presents itself as a mosaic to her. What we say: We like her soothing bedside manner and assured presence. Her sessions manage to be both relaxing and mind-opening.

  • Jasmin Harsono

    Jasmin Harsono

    At our In goop Health summit in London last year, Jasmin Harsono of Emerald and Tiger led one of our favorite Reiki and sound healing sessions. While her group workshops, sound baths, and meditations are on hold, she’s offering distant Reiki sessions by phone. Her work with clients is about tapping into their truth, power, and potential. In many ways, the healing homework is a homecoming to yourself.

  • Kiki Matoba

    Kiki Matoba

    Kiki Matoba is a Reiki master energy healer. She uses guided meditation, crystals, and light work to enhance her sessions, and she helps people release energy that no longer serves them. Matoba works on mental and emotional unease and distress in the body. You’ll likely feel a little lighter afterward. And we hope you love her Reiki chants, too. Right now, she is offering distant sessions by phone.

  • Cait Marino

    Cait Marino

    Medium and Reiki teacher Cait Marino was trained via phone and distant sessions, and that’s primarily how does her own work. Marino started studying energy healing in 2005 after going through a life-changing experience, but she has been an intuitive medium her whole life, and she’s trained in many different modalities. A session with Marino begins with a dowsing rod, an old-school divination tool, that she uses to measure your energy field and gain a sense of how your system is functioning overall. Then she creates a customized distant energy session that helps you work through karmic debt, clear your energy, and learn lessons from different lifetimes through past life readings. So: Buckle up.

  • Laura Peppin

    Laura Peppin

    Make the session your own, encourages Laura Peppin, an advanced SourcePoint Therapy practitioner (an approach to healing that uses a body-scanning technique to release energetic blockages found in our field). Peppin does energy work using her blueprint for human health. She works on releasing blocks in your system to restore order and balance and helps you create more space for yourself. Be as interactive as you want—ask questions, or let yourself sit back and enjoy the experience. (You can even take a nap, if that’s what your body craves). At this time, Peppin’s sessions are pro bono for anyone working on the front lines and for people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • Yinova Center

    Yinova Center

    The renowned Yinova Center in New York City has just launched its virtual wellness and herbal medicine consultations, bringing its team of licensed Chinese medicine practitioners and board-certified herbalists online. In addition to tailoring herbal formulas, they can offer lifestyle advice, mindfulness support, and a larger wellness toolkit. The Yinova Center was founded by acupuncturist and clinical herbalist Jill Blakeway. Her book Energy Medicine is also a brilliant guide, filled with energetic tools (and fascinating insight into the science and mystery of healing).