Our First Podcast: GP Sits Down with Oprah

GP’s guest wishlist for the first episode of The goop Podcast was exactly five letters long: Oprah. And she said yes! (Listen to the podcast to hear why she did it.)

So how did it go? Well, GP cried a total of four times during their conversation (some of us still haven’t stopped). They had a wide-ranging and honest discussion about everything from Oprah’s favorite acting role to the one life truth she knows for certain to the thing she said that GP deemed “the most profound and insightful sentence about mothering.” They talk about the pivotal moments in Oprah’s life (“I stopped saying ‘yes,’ when I meant ‘no’”), her current state of mind (“happiness is not even a word I use for myself because happiness seems temporal”), what it means to evolve (“I never had a day of therapy, but I had multiple days of therapy by listening, listening, listening, listening…”), and the MeToo movement when Oprah proves she’s not one to stand on ceremony: “Why am I willing to put up with an asshole?”

For GP’s take on what the pair described as “the culture of enough,” and much more, tap listen now. (Oh, and when GP asks if anyone is writing down all the books that Oprah says you need to read “if you’re going to be a human being,” don’t worry, we’ve got you covered right here.)

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Otherwise, we’ll see you at A Wrinkle in Time.