The Best Online Classes and Schools for Developing Your Own Intuition

Written by: the Editors of goop


Updated on: July 25, 2019


If we’ve learned one thing from the healers, intuitives, and mediums we’ve met, it’s that intuition is not reserved for them. Sure, there’s a long way to go between guessing someone’s astrological sign and, say, sensing the bounds of your own aura. But as with any other skill, practice matters. So does a really good teacher. We’ve gotten to work with some of the best. And through their eyes, the role of the modern psychic is starting to look a lot different. If you want to know what to do with a gut instinct or if you’re ready to start poking around on the other side, here are the best third-eye-opening workshops online, from the intuitives and mediums we know and love. Freshman year starts now.

Class Is in Session

  • Nu It School

    Nu It School

    Deganit Nuur is our go-to clairvoyant for a reason. Okay, for a few reasons. She brings a lot of joy to the esoteric and makes it accessible. Her online school puts you in the driver’s seat to take your mind, as she puts it, from dust to diamond. The dust: outdated energetic patterns, karmic wounds, ego blocks. The diamond: third-eye powers, a fully charged aura, a meeting with your spirit guides. Her subscription-based website offers guided meditations and fun exercises to walk you through each step. And Nuur pulls together a solid community—Monday nights are reserved for group phone calls with Nuur and other students in the class. Discussion usually focuses on difficult-to-grasp concepts, but save room on your calendar for séance night, when the living and the dead come together to touch base at the end of the month. Casual.

  • Dana Childs

    Dana Childs

    A lot of empaths have untapped or underdeveloped healing gifts, and without an understanding of what to do with that power, life can get exhausting. Dana Childs channels messages from beyond using all five of her clairsenses to deliver precise psychic information. And the goal of her first online offering, Empowered Empath, is to encourage people with strong empathy and weak boundaries to get clear on what they really want—and how they can protect themselves as they try to get it. The course goes into practical solutions to problems like the types of spaces to avoid as an empath, how to raise children with firm compassion, and ways to stay grounded.

  • Cyndi Dale

    Cyndi Dale

    Cyndi Dale is one of the most academic psychics in the field. Chances are your favorite psychic learned by reading one of her phenomenal textbook-like publications on hands-on healing, energy medicine, and chakras. In her online apprenticeship program, Dale explores topics like lucid dreaming, trauma release, and chakra balancing. Students are invited to pair off after class to continue building their psychic skills one-on-one. There’s homework and quizzes. And if you’re a real New Age nerd (or just a nerd ready to explore esoteric realms), come with questions. Dale seems to know the answers to most. The program runs over ten months, so plan in advance and sign up for next year. And Dale is offering goop readers 10 percent off with code CDAP2020GOOP.

  • Ashley Wood

    Ashley Wood

    After her first pregnancy, Ashley Wood said her energy shifted. And she began exploring the Akashic records to understand why. The records, if you’re new to them, are a metaphysical library that are believed to house everything you’ve ever done in this life. Oh, and everything you ever did in all your past lives. TMI? Totally worth it? Wood has developed her own way of reading the records that hooked us. In a seven-video workshop, she lays out the step-by-step method she’s honed after hundreds and hundreds of readings in the records. The best surprise is how simple her tools are to use—which is good, because you’ll be using them often for everything from your love life to career advice.

  • Natalie Miles

    Natalie Miles

    When Natalie Miles switched from a career in film to a career as an intuitive, she figured she might as well put both skill sets to use with a series of online video workshops. Beginners: Try Get Guided, an eleven-day course to deepen your connection to your emotions, the earth, and divine universal energy. Miles will prepare you to meet with your spirit guides—the cheerleading team on the other side looking out for your highest good. If you’re ready to go deep, Heal Your Ancestor Story is a six-part series to help heal deep-rooted ancestral wounds and break sticky narratives.

  • The Four Winds

    The Four Winds

    Let’s say you’re shamanic-curious but magic doesn’t run in your family and you don’t have a one-way ticket to the Amazonian rain forest of Peru. Let’s say that’s your skepticism we can hear from here: Right, one doesn’t just learn to become a shaman through some video courses and an online certificate. But let’s back up (and have some fun). Four Winds was founded by Alberto Villoldo, a medical anthropologist who has been building a reputation since the ’90s as the Indiana Jones of the spirit world. He’s been invested in the traditions of the Q’ero shamans of Peru for decades. And he created an online program, the Light Body School, to combine traditional shamanic practice with energy medicine, nutrition, and neuroscience. If you like some structure and research in your spiritual practice, the Four Winds could be a fit. And—back to the plane ticket—if you prefer learning face-to-face, the Four Winds has physical locations in Chile, Joshua Tree, and Germany.