Navigating Your Astrological Chart with Chani Nicholas

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Updated on: October 14, 2021

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To dream is to imagine a world full of possibility. To realize a dream is to turn those ideas—big or small—into reality. We teamed up with Porsche to create the Drive Series: three bite-size workshops that cover different tools for navigating our dreams and the challenges and opportunities that come with them.

Astrologer Chani Nicholas—author of You Were Born for This and creator of the CHANI app—says that your birth chart can serve as a road map for your life, a tool to better understand yourself and where you want to go next. Of course, it’s a complex road map. Astrology is more than sun signs. Astrological rhythms, Nicholas explains, have been the underpinning of the universe and our lives since the beginning of time.

No one contextualizes astrology more poetically than Nicholas, who at the same time shares how you, personally, can use the ancient system and wisdom to figure out your own life. In this nine-minute video workshop—the first in our new Drive Series with Porsche—Nicholas explains how astrology can reveal patterns in our lives. She explains how the sun, moon, rising, and ascendents work together to reinforce your path and shape your life’s purpose. Astrology, she says, can help us unpack our dreams a day at a time.

To dig deeper, we also invited Nicholas to join us in person at our next In goop Health summit, on November 7. We’re going all in with Porsche for a full day of conversations and workshops that will explore more ways to harness our potential and discover dreams of all kinds. And yes, it is true that we will be discovering some dreams while behind the wheel of some very special sports cars.

For now, a few pieces of wisdom from Nicholas’s video workshop that are worth underscoring.

workshop notes

Our birth chart is an imprint of the sky at the moment we were born.

In the first chapter of the video, Nicholas walks us through why astrology has fascinated people throughout time. “The sky has always set the tone and the rhythm and the cycles for our life; therefore it was always very important to be in relationship with it,” says Nicholas. “Our disconnection from the sky, from the natural world, is a recent thing, and I believe that it is also at the heart of both our loneliness and our feelings of being lost.” When you look at your chart, explains Nicholas, you’re creating a relationship to the sky at the time you were born.

There are three keys to your astrological chart.

The three main components to a birth chart are the sun, moon, and rising signs. The sun “says so much about how you shine,” explains Nicholas. “The sun in our chart is the place where we will come to life. If we don’t figure out how to live out our sun sign, we won’t feel alive. It is our source of light and heat and life.” While most of us might be familiar with our sun sign, our rising sign is the sign that is specific to where and when we were born. “Where that planet is will tell you about where you must go in order to feel a sense of fulfillment,” says Nicholas.

The rhythms of the moon are how we live out our life’s purpose on a day-to-day basis.

“The moon doesn’t have its own light. It is a body that reflects the light of the sun,” explains Nicholas. “The moon is the daily rhythm and the rituals that we have every twenty-four hours. It is our closest celestial partner. It is the one who is circling us and transmitting data from all the other planets to us. It is the intermediary between us and the rest of our solar system.” It’s through the moon, says Nicholas, that we understand how to nourish and care for ourselves.

Chasing your dream is not a selfish pursuit.

“We each have a dream. Each one of our lives comes with a purpose, and it’s not from the ego that we get that dream. It’s from something much deeper,” explains Nicholas. “It’s from the soul, and that is imprinted on the sky. Your astrological chart is that map that decodes the dream that your soul has or the dream that the universe has for you.”

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Chani Nicholas is a Los Angeles–based New York Times–bestselling author and astrologer with a community of over 1 million monthly readers. She has been a counseling astrologer for more than twenty years, guiding people to discover and live out their life’s purpose through understanding their birth chart.

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