How to Contact Your Spirit Guides

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Updated on: September 27, 2022

How to Contact Your Spirit Guides

Deganit Nuur is a spiritual teacher, a clairvoyant, an acupuncturist, a writer, and a lecturer. Nuur teaches people across the globe how to hone their intuition and use it as a practical tool in daily life through her ongoing weekly telecourse in communication, NU IT; her live workshops; and retreats and corporate wellness initiatives. You can book private clairvoyant healing sessions, primarily over the phone. In-person healing sessions are available exclusively at the Four Seasons hotels in LA and NYC.

After a rough breakup, clairvoyant Deganit Nuur found herself performing routine drive-bys outside her ex’s apartment “just to see what he was doing.” A palpably bad decision. She could hear a voice warning her, “You don’t want to do this.” Some of us credit those inner criticisms to “that little voice in your head,” but as an intuitive, Nuur knows that voice a bit differently: It was one of her spirit guides talking, she says.

In the lingo of modern mystics, a spirit guide is a nonphysical being assigned to help a soul attain its greatest potential on Earth. If you think of all humans as undergraduates in the school of life, says Nuur, think of spirit guides as tenured professors. It’s not something you can apply for on LinkedIn. A spirit guide is someone who has thoroughly mastered life’s lessons. So while you don’t have to listen to the advice of your guides, life tends to go a whole lot smoother when you do, according to Nuur.

Besides, your guides want you to win: They are the champions of your causes, the menders of your heartaches, the compass offering alternate directions when you’re stuck in traffic. And when you consider how complicated life can be, wouldn’t it be crazy if we tried to do the whole thing alone?

Through her online membership program nu it school, Nuur offers students access to the tools and information that have been essential to her personal growth, including our favorite module: on spirit guides. Ready to meet some new friends?

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A Q&A with Deganit Nuur

What is a spirit guide?

Spirit guides are beings that have transitioned into the afterlife. But rather than reincarnating on earth again, they have chosen to dedicate their existence to being spirit guides as a way of continuing their soul’s evolution. This is a high honor—not all of us have the option of becoming a spirit guide. To have this option suggests a high level of mastery and ascension.

We’re paired with the spirit guides that can best serve us. This often looks like complementary strengths or similar strengths. If you’re known for running late, you may have a spirit guide that was always prompt when living and so they’re able to guide you in being prompt. Alternatively, you may have a spirit guide that was also constantly late and so you’ve been paired to overcome this challenge together. Spirit guides often know us better than we know ourselves. They’re wonderful at helping us out and guiding us in healing and growth.

Are our spirit guides with us our whole life?

Yup! We tend to have multiple spirit guides at a time because there is really no limit to how many we receive. Most of us are walking around with an entourage of spirit guides and don’t even know it. If you have the gift of clairvoyance, you might see them with you.

Some guides are with us for specific moments in life. They may come in during a particularly challenging moment and then leave once you’re in the clear. Let’s say you’re in the hospital: A trauma guide may stay with you and hold space for you until you leave the hospital. Some guides are assigned to specific relationships, so if that relationship ends, the guide is no longer needed and will leave. Same goes for work agreements, events, and experiences. There may be a guide that helps everyone involved with that one experience and is around only for that experience. There are guides that we might work with only once in our lifetime. Others are like subject-matter experts and will come and go as needed. For example, you may have a heartbreak guide that shows up to help you mend and then leaves when you’re feeling complete.

Most of us have at least one guide that is with us our entire lives. This spirit guide will see you through it all, emphasize your gifts and talents, help point you in the direction of your path and purpose, and offer guiding light during moments of darkness. A small minority of us will outgrow our original guide and gain a new guide over time. It’s like outgrowing a mentor and then getting a new one.

While the guide may offer insight, guidance, clarity, and direction, it’s ultimately up to the human to decide whether they want to follow the guidance or not. Spirit guides know this. There are rules that can help us maximize the potential of this relationship. If a person were to want a new guide, they could call one in. Whether you wish to continue or complete a contract with one of your guides, you have all the power in this.

Can our loved ones on the other side act as our spirit guides?

Many of us refer to our deceased beloveds as our spirit guides. They are in spirit form, and they are absolutely guiding us. However, they’re not technically classified as spirit guides.

Teaching is mastery. Beings become spirit guides as a way of mastering all they’ve been learning and even teaching. Let’s pretend all humans are undergraduate students at the university of life. Think of your deceased loved ones as graduate students or teaching assistants and think of spirit guides as tenured professors. Your TA will surely help you along your path, and you may even have more contact with them than you do with your professor.

How can we start communicating with our spirit guides?

For some, interaction can be as simple as acknowledging their presence and starting a dialogue. Others will find more confidence and clarity with a bit more structure. You may light a candle, set an intention to connect with them, and invoke them. You may explore connecting with them through automatic writing and requesting they write through you. You may simply visualize a figure standing in front of you and start the conversation that way.

In nu it school, we head up to the astral plane, where they live, to meet them on their turf and then invite them down to Earth. I teach you how to plug them in so that you may channel their energy. Most feel a decrease in temperature when plugging their guides in. A few feel an increase in temperature. Some people experience a buzzing sensation, and others feel nothing at all. The way spirit guides help can be really subtle, yet so profound and impactful.

Spirit guides exist in the realm of infinite possibilities and are not confined by time or space. There is no limit to what they can do for us. In fact, the more they help us, the more they ascend. I encourage my students to assign at least three tasks to their guides before parting ways. Spirit guides can help with anything big—divorce, health concerns. Or small—like parking spaces, or motivation to do the dishes or go to work.

Is there a way to learn the names of our spirit guides?

The deal with spirit guides is that they don’t really have shape or form, and they don’t actually have names. However, our human minds work well with shape and form in helping us identify spirit guides and focus our energies so we may better connect with them. It’s incredible how they’ll present themselves or how we may perceive them when we start connecting with them. Some students see their spirit guides very vividly and in full detail, while others see shadow figures. As long as the connection is strong, you’re good!

A name can do the same thing. It can facilitate our connection with them. It helps us focus and tune in to their energy. While the guides don’t actually have names, I have my students ask for their names, and the majority of the time they hear a name. A few students won’t hear anything, so I’ll ask them to assign names to their guides. It’s the difference between getting somewhere with a map versus getting there without a map. Sure, you can connect to them without a name, but you may get a little lost or take the long way or feel uncertain the entire time. If a map is available to you, why not use it and get there more quickly and easily? Using their names will help invoke them with greater precision and efficiency. All you have to do is ask—they’ll tell you. If they don’t, simply ask, “May I call you ______?” and assign them a name.