Here’s What the Next Eclipse Season Means for Your Astrological Chart

Written by: Hedy Noemi


Updated: July 16, 2020

Here’s What the Next Eclipse Season Means for Your Astrological Chart
Hedy Noemi

Astrology doesn’t end with knowing your sun sign and checking your daily horoscope—nor does it end with memorizing your whole birth chart and getting cryptic pop-up messages from an all-knowing app. Which is why it’s interesting: There’s always something else to learn.

Hedy Noemi, the London-based astrologer known as Nymph of Neptune, keeps us up to date on what’s next for the moon, sun, planets, and stars. What’s on her mind now are eclipses: For the first time in a year and a half, the moon and sun are eclipsing in new signs. Astrologically, it means a major step forward in the way we experience duality, contradiction, and the unknown.

Some astronomy to know before diving in: The lunar nodes are where the paths of the sun and moon cross in our skies. When the sun and moon both hit a node at the same time, an eclipse occurs. If they meet at the same node, there’s a solar eclipse: The new moon covers part or all of the sun in the daytime sky and casts a shadow on the Earth. If the sun and moon meet at opposite nodes—let’s say the sun is at the north lunar node and the full moon is at the south one—that causes a lunar eclipse, where the moon appears red in the shadow of the Earth in the night sky. These nodes, lunar phases, and eclipses are physical phenomena—interpreted below in the spiritual discourse of astrology.

How Eclipses Work below the Surface

Each month, the skies grace us with a new moon and a full moon. Astrologically, each of these lunar phenomena is an energetic checkpoint: an opportunity to plant seeds for the new or release what no longer serves us.

At the same time, the north and south lunar nodes—called the Nodes of Fate—act as guides for our personal and collective destiny. These nodes always sit in opposite signs, and they change signs simultaneously every eighteen months. The signs the nodes are in at a given time point to the particular life area that will undergo deep transformation, both personally and collectively, during new moons and full moons in that eighteen-month period.

When the lunar landmarks of the new and full moons align exactly with the north and south nodes, eclipses occur, accelerating our own energetic evolution. Eclipses push us to realign.

From the end of 2017 through the beginning of 2020, the nodes of the moon have been sitting in Cancer and Capricorn. This June, they moved into Gemini and Sagittarius, where they will stay until January 2022. To reap the wisdom of eclipses, we must look to the signs in question.

The outgoing signs:

The eclipse axis of Cancer and Capricorn—water and earth signs, respectively—is concerned with divine mother and father energy. Cancer is the feminine energy that rules the home, nourishment, our bodies, protection, and safety. Capricorn is masculine energy that rules structure, career, achievement, and success. As the north node has been in Cancer since 2018, we have collectively, gradually moved to redefine success, leaning further into self-care and questioning the value of the daily grind. We are still sitting in the current of the Cancer lunar eclipse of January 2020, and in recent months, as the universe asked us to return home to nourishment, old paradigms have reached their tipping point.

For better or for worse, eclipses don’t give us much say in where they’re taking us. Eclipse season is notoriously emotional and challenging. For sensitive souls, eclipses can feel like being thrown into the cosmic fire; eclipses are the accelerators propelling us toward our fated destiny. While the more regular new and full moons of each month offer us some opportunity for setting intentions and working toward goals, the power of eclipses stretches beyond our human capacity for “doing”: The key during eclipse season is to focus on letting go, quietly watching to see what patterns arise, and tapping into our intuition. Keep this in mind as we step into a new series of lessons that will continue until December 2021.

The incoming signs:

The incoming series of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius, which will play out until December 2021, will throw into question what we know to be true, how we educate ourselves, and who is writing the history books. We’re collectively learning to step outside of ourselves and consider the viewpoint of another as truth. The north node in Gemini will push us to adopt a childlike curiosity and allow adaptability in our opinions. We should use this to our benefit as we step into a new paradigm. (We’re expecting a boost on this theme as collective-minded Saturn shifts into Aquarius later this year.)

Where Geminis often ask why, Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac. Sagittarius knows that borders of nation, race, religion, and philosophy are creations of the mind. The most evolved expression of the Sagittarius archetype is that of embracing all contrasting philosophies as truth. The way forward over the next two years is through fostering humble and genuine curiosity. Only through listening and putting aside our egos can we come to understand others.

Sagittarius represents this higher mind, but we must be careful not to slip into intellectualizing matters that require an authentic, heartfelt approach. With a Gemini north node, we must remember to take action on our words and plant tangible seeds for change so that our learning becomes a tool for action and not hot air, as the combination of Gemini (an air sign) and Sagittarius (a fire sign) might suggest.

Eclipses are notorious for their potent effects on our lives. (They feel subtle only because their effect is stretched across an eighteen-month journey. Make no mistake that their legacy is long-lasting and tangible.) The part of your own birth chart ruled by Capricorn and Cancer has undergone a profound excavation since 2018. This July lunar eclipse is not a time for action but instead a landmark moment to lean into the heart and release all that restricts our freedom to be and to love.

As we move into our next phase, it is important that we do not forget the gifts of the eclipse series we leave behind: the Cancerian wisdom that the divine feminine must always be protected, that the safety of our bodies comes before work, and that success means nothing if it does not leave room for well-being.

London-based astrologer Hedy Noemi is the founder of Nymph of Neptune. She offers tarot readings, planetary birth chart analysis, and astrology-based life coaching in person or on Skype.