4 Steps to Harness Your Crown Chakra & Glow From Within

Written by: the Editors of goop


Updated on: May 27, 2017

The seventh, crown chakra is said to be the gateway to our higher self and our connection to the divine of the universe. Spiritual gurus suggest different ways of tapping into the power of the crown chakra—from a life-changing haircut to a drop of palo santo (which one clairvoyant herbalist told us is like coffee for the soul). LA-based medium, and author of Intuitive Being, Jill Willard, focuses on how each of us can harness our own intuition. She describes the crown chakra as the source of the kind of glow that seems to come from within—when you see someone, regardless of age, who somehow just radiates light. Toward this #goal, Willard created a three-minute, crown-focused meditation clip for us, and she’s also sharing her four-step routine for boosting your energy and glowing yourself— which she fine tuned with a different kind of body expert, our structural integration and alignment specialist, and author of Taller, Slimmer, Younger, Lauren Roxburgh. (See the pair’s previous video collaboration on where stress gets stuck in the body—and how to release it, here.)

Rocking Your Intuitive Crown for Beauty, Radiance & Vitality at Any Age

Intuition is our access to a collective understanding, which comes through our sixth and seventh energy centers, the third eye and the crown. The crown is located just above our head, where, yes, a crown or halo might rest. The crown draws wisdom from a higher source, casting a beautiful and illuminating golden light on any situation, however draining or difficult. You could say the crown center casts everything in a more flattering light, including yourself.

“Our crown energy center offers radiance, an eternal fountain of youth.”

The crown energy center and the connection to higher energies it provides adds an extra bit of fairy dust to our lives, which can give us more vitality during times of stress, and as we age. Have you ever met an octogenarian that has a youthful spark in their eyes despite their advanced age? The energy we can draw from the crown can assist us in aging peacefully, gracefully, and beautifully. It brings us a virtual waterfall of blessings or support, part of which is this enhanced physicality. Many intuitives, energy healers, and mystics relate this energy center to a pure light source, or that glow that seems to emanate both from within but also from on high. The people you meet who have a certain indefinable “It Factor” have this energy flowing and glowing.

Our crown energy center offers radiance, an eternal fountain of youth. Opening the seventh energy center and drawing on its power means connecting to a higher guidance system that exists outside ourselves but of which we are a piece. We can tap into this connection when we center the seemingly opposing parts parts of our brain and find a place of inner silence, bridging being and doing. When we bridge being and doing, we ignite that It Factor in ourselves, that spark of bravery and unstoppable energy that shows in our faces as charisma, luminosity, and radiance—the glow of the crown emanating from within and above.

“This presence happens when we take time to rest, breathe more deeply, and trust that daily life is very much more than the sum of its parts.”

We do this by slowing down our day so we can hear and connect. We access this space in meditation, and through communication and intimacy with others. We own this by trusting ourselves and our internal wisdoms. We open our “crown” and ignite our It Factor by being truthful and present. This presence happens when we take time to rest, breathe more deeply, and trust that daily life is very much more than the sum of its parts.

So slow down and rock your crown!

4 Ways to Wear Your Glowing Crown

1. Take a Few Minutes to Cleanse

First things first—your crown might be hidden away because you haven’t yet accessed this energy center. An easy way to dust off your golden crown is to take five or so mindful minutes to breathe and be in complete silence. It is liberating and it’s free, though it can be difficult with the distractions of modern life to complete this simple act.

Try this three-plus-minute meditation clip—what I call spiritual botox, for its combo forehead/crown benefits. Alternately, just find a comfortable spot (a desk or seat of any kind is fine, lying down works, too) and start to focus on your breath. On the inhale say “in” to yourself, on the exhale say “out” to yourself. Do this for about five minutes with eyes looking down or gently closed. Make sure all distractions or possible interruptions are muted. It’s spiritual cleansing time!

2. Find Your Voice

Pick any song you love that has a melody that brings you joy and hum it out loud. After, if you are in a space to do so, get up and dance and sing the song. You might be surprised at the golden flow you feel (and emanate).

Return to step one and breathe back into your body.

3. Partner Your Doing and Being Parts

In Western culture, we rely heavily on what’s commonly referred to as the left side of our brains. Tapping into the other part of your mind—the less analytical, more creative part—can offer connection to a greater intimacy with the self, building support for your crown.

When both parts of your mind work in partnership, we create a greater knowing of the “space” between things, whether it be the spaces between people, the open space of nature, or the space between your thoughts and judgments. It is in this space that we access the energy of the crown.

As you go through your day and information comes in, divide your “self” in two as you process the information. Before you begin to move too much into task or quick work mode, notice the space between the objects or situations of your focus. Let the “doing” part of your mind rise up and engage the “being” part, by asking what it feels in those in between spaces. Ask yourself if you feel a moment of calm after. That is you connecting to things outside of you, igniting your own crown of wisdom and calm.

“When both parts of your mind work in partnership, we create a greater knowing of the “space” between things, whether it be the spaces between people, the open space of nature, or the space between your thoughts and judgments.”

Thoughts and emotions can sap or impede our connection to our crown energy center, creating a lack of intimacy within ourselves and with others. This bridge back creates a force that supports our It Factor internally, which becomes noticeable externally.

4. Light Up Your Crown

It’s time to light up that gold crown: To open your wise, or third eye, take a moment and focus mindfully on its location just above and between your brows in the center of your forehead. Visualize a deep purple light emanating from your third eye. Now visualize that purple light transforming into a rainbow glow as it stretches to create a bridge to your crown, the space just above your head. Draw your breath in and up to your crown. Stay here quietly for a few moments, slowly inhaling and exhaling, continuing to draw your breath up to your crown. You might even begin to hear your higher thoughts, internal wisdom, or perhaps a parent, grandparent, or old friend who might be watching over your shoulder. You are connecting to something “more,” which begins to add stronger partnership to your day, more confidence in yourself, and a stronger spark to this present moment. Be in your glow.

“Visualize a deep purple light emanating from your third eye.”

Lastly, visualize a clear light or a waterfall cascading fresh light or energy all around you, starting at that soft spot at the top of your head, falling down below your feet. This head to toe connection helps keep your vital life force energy ignited—and grows your glow.