10 Wellness Gurus on Tools
for Manifesting Positive Outcomes

Cultivating positivity is a practice just like any other. But what to practice, exactly, especially when we’re time-strapped? Ten of goop’s favorite wellness practitioners gave us their own personal techniques, and most are surprisingly simple (if not always easy), whether they involve twenty minutes of earthing or just taking a moment to actually enjoy your morning coffee.

10 Wellness Gurus on Tools for Manifesting Happiness

Deganit Nuur

acupuncturist and
clairvoyant healer


“Ylang-ylang essential oil is wonderful for anchoring the spirit back into the body. It reminds us of all our blessings, all that’s already working, all the good in the world, and why being exactly who we are is the privilege of a lifetime. Ylang-ylang is a euphoric that inspires us to get powerfully present. Clinically, I use it all the time when treating depression, anxiety, or disassociation.” —Deganit Nuur, acupuncturist and clairvoyant healer

10 Wellness Gurus on Tools for Manifesting Happiness

Taryn Toomey

founder, The Class


“I’m the gal who turns to music to shift any mood. Try to plan a playlist that you want to bring into your practice that day. Be mindful, though—it can be dangerous. Music can amplify whatever feelings you are currently feeling: melancholy, sadness, stress, yearning, joy, delight, spirit, impulsiveness. Use it wisely.” —Taryn Toomey, founder, The Class

10 Wellness Gurus on Tools for Manifesting Happiness

Kelsey Patel

reiki master


“When I’m having a less motivated day, I shift the energy of my environment by burning either the Magik Vibes incense or moon candle to help move the vibes. Just the simple act of opening up my space to these energies can help me feel more supported and aligned. And that brings me a renewed feeling of positivity.” —Kelsey Patel, Reiki master

10 Wellness Gurus on Tools for Manifesting Happiness

Hillary Peterson

founder, True Botanicals


“With a full-time job and three kids, I look for opportunities to slow down throughout the day. Rather than have a set way to do that, I take advantage of opportunities when I can: a morning coffee in our window seat, an evening cocktail on our porch, a sunset meditation, a walk to work, a Dead Sea salt soak at the end of the day, massaging face oil onto my face. Each is an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the precious moments that make up a day.” —Hillary Peterson, founder, True Botanicals

10 Wellness Gurus on Tools for Manifesting Happiness

Morgan Yakus

hypnosis practitioner


“Observing my thoughts helps me create positive self-talk and outcomes. I put emphasis on eating healthily, getting good sleep, and making plans that I can look forward to. I also ground into the earth without shoes for twenty minutes a few times a week; use essential oil roll-ons; get bodywork, like massages and acupuncture; lie on a BioMat; and relax in the sauna. This self-meditation helps me balance and keeps me on track. I mindfully strive to accept myself as I am in every moment.” —Morgan Yakus, hypnosis practitioner

10 Wellness Gurus on Tools for Manifesting Happiness

Danielle DuBoise

cofounder, Sakara Life


“Food is the foundation of every aspect of your health—from how much energy you have to how happy you feel. It’s information, and it informs the body to promote either disease or health. So my number one tool for feeling happy and positive is to fuel my body with fresh, organic plants every single day (especially leafy greens). This ensures that all those important microbes in my gut are happy and healthy. (That’s where 95 percent of our serotonin is made.) Plus, when you’re nourished, you get a ton of other benefits, too—like more energy, less bloat, better sleep—all of which contribute to happiness.” —Danielle DuBoise, cofounder, Sakara Life

10 Wellness Gurus on Tools for Manifesting Happiness

Mona Dan

herbalist, acupuncturist
and founder of Vie Healing


“Being a mama, a wife, and an acupuncturist means giving healing vibes daily. Weeks used to go by without my taking care of myself, I realized. Today, I fuel my energy and positivity by applying my Vie Ritual ear seeds, a form of auricular acupuncture. I also focus energy each morning on letting go, and trusting the process of life really fuels my inner high vibrations.” —Mona Dan, herbalist, acupuncturist, and founder of Vie Healing

10 Wellness Gurus on Tools for Manifesting Happiness

Traci Donat

founder, Simples Tonics


“When I am in good health and have ample energy reserves, I’m just happier and more positive. Tasks feel easier. The mountain doesn’t look so high. So my philosophy is to give the body the raw materials it needs to detoxify, restore, and regenerate. In addition to a gratitude practice, I call on support from the plants through my line of Simples Tonics. Receiving such a deep level of nourishment in liquid form completely recharges me.” —Traci Donat, founder, Simples Tonics

10 Wellness Gurus on Tools for Manifesting Happiness

Ashley Neese

breathwork teacher


“I practice gratitude through writing lists and saying thank you out loud for all the goodness that comes my way and all of the incredibly challenging lessons I am still learning. Living with a grateful heart means giving yourself permission—to be tender, forgiving, and loving. It’s an invitation to reach forward through whatever you are facing and embrace each feeling and experience as it arises.”—Ashley Neese, breathwork teacher

10 Wellness Gurus on Tools for Manifesting Happiness

Candice Kumai



“Wabi-sabi is the Japanese practice of celebrating imperfection. I look to wabi-sabi in my recipe development, in the photos I take, in my writing, and even when it comes to my personal body struggles and flaws. I’m not perfect, and the perspective and practice of wabi-sabi have long helped my Japanese ancestors look at life, personal struggle, and physical objects from a clear, mindful, and nonjudgmental perspective.” —Candice Kumai, author of Kintsugi Wellness