goop your bedside drawer

goop Your Bedside Drawer

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So much happens in the bedroom. Whether you love it most for deep sleep, vivid dreams, life-affirming sex, or all of the above, a few choice picks can tip the scales in a more sensual direction.

Nudge to the side whatever’s currently taking up space, and make room for sensual wonders to really get the sexual energy flowing. Whether you’re on the conservative side, you have more whips than socks, or you fall somewhere in between, there’s something here for every taste.


Always. Be. Prepared (in the chicest way). That pause to procure a condom is considerably more graceful when the package is cool-looking. These lubricated condoms from LOLA’s new sexual health line come in such sleek wrapping, but most importantly, they’re made with natural latex rubber and cornstarch powder.

LOLA Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms

LOLA, 1 box of 12 condoms for $10 with subscription or $11 with
one-time purchase


Spritz this beautiful blend of jasmine, ylang-ylang, vetiver, and patchouli essential oils—all thought to have aphrodisiac qualities—around your bedroom. A few pumps right over the bed is a lovely place to start. We like to think that the fresh, uplifting scent alone is enough to stir up some juju.

Sandoval Interior Aromatic – Love

goop, $45


This water-based personal lubricant is fantastic in every way, plus it contains none of the parabens, synthetic flavors, or petrochemicals that gunk up most conventional formulas. Made with clean ingredients, like organic aloe leaf juice, it’s smooth and sleek.

LOLA Personal Lubricant

LOLA, 1 bottle for $13 with subscription or $14 with one-time purchase


As much an objet d’art as it is a sex toy, this color-swirled glass dildo is stunning. It puts the subject of sex right out there in a way that’s cool and confident and irreverent. It’s made of glass, which feels smoother than plastic or silicone, especially when you add a little bit of lubricant.

Kim Anami Akasha Glass Dildo

goop, $299


There are few things sexier than a massage in bed. The blend of uplifting rose, jasmine, and vetiver essential oils makes the whole endeavor that much hotter—and the mix is somehow compelling to all genders. You can also smooth it between your toes, at your temples or wrists, behind your ears, or anywhere that appeals, when you’re alone and in need of a moment of repose.

Province Apothecary Lover’s Oil

goop, $32