4 Tongue Vibrators That Mimic Oral Sex

Written by: Kelly Martin


Published on: November 22, 2022


If you have a clitoris, chances are you don’t orgasm by brute force. Getting you there takes: Time. Skill. And, with a partner, a little training on what you like. (If you’re not sure what you like, try taking some time to explore your female erectile network.)

If good oral sex is what gets you off, there’s a world of sophisticated tongue vibrators that mimic a talented lover and deliver consistent orgasms. These four are engineered to swirl, suck, and lick—and they’re the closest you can get to oral sex solo.


The Vibrator with a Firm, Swirling Tongue

LELO Ora 3 Vibrator, $179

Take a look at that nub you see protruding from Ora 3’s body. Turn the device on and that nub swirls around your clitoris like the tongue of an especially skilled partner. You can set it to rotate all the way around in a circle, if that’s what you like, or pivot back and forth in short strokes. (You might have noticed your clitoris is especially sensitive on one side or the other—this toy is perfect for hitting your sweet spot.) There are 12 distinct modes combining swirling settings with various vibration options, from no vibration at all to steady speeds and powerful, pulsing patterns.

Once you’ve found the setting you like best, Ora 3 is incredibly intuitive to use: Stick your third and fourth fingers through the hole in the device’s body and it’s perfectly angled so the control buttons rest under your thumb and the nub hits your clitoris without you having to adjust your position too much.


The Suction Vibrator with Partner-Mimicking Autopilot

Womanizer Womanizer Premium 2, $199

Womanizer is the toy we think everyone with a clitoris should have in their arsenal. It feels like effortlessly good oral sex. Squirt some lube on your vulva or directly on the mouth of the device, cup that mouth over your clitoris, and let Womanizer do the rest of the work: It delivers targeted and intense sucking sensations that feel incredible. When you put it on autopilot, it varies its patterns and intensities to mimic the variation you’d get with a partner. If you’re not yet sold: Friends have told us it’s gotten them off in five minutes or less.


The Suction Vibrator with a Wider Mouth

LELO Sila Cruise Vibrator, $189

LELO’s Sila Cruise has a lot in common with Womanizer. The core distinction: Sila Cruise is built with a wide, flat mouth that engages not just the head of the clitoris but the broader area surrounding it—resulting in a slower, deeper sensation. And it’s built with LELO’s cruise control feature, which registers how hard you’re pressing the device into your body and automatically adjusts its power to match the intensity. (This is an especially helpful feature as you get closer to orgasm.)


The Tongue Vibrator for a Sensitive Touch

Smile Makers The French Lover Vibrator, $60

The French Lover has a paper-thin, super soft, ultrabendy tongue that vibrates. When you click the device on, you’ll have four steady speeds and two pulsing modes to explore. It’s light on pressure, so it’s especially good if you’re sensitive. And it’s great in a partner’s hands. Try long, languid licks over your entire vulva to warm yourself up and quick flicks on your clitoris to drive your orgasm home.

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