Massage Therapy for Broken Hearts

Our last two Valentine’s issues here at goop have been about cultivating romance in couple-dom. But what if you are all by your lonesome this year? Or, what if you are suffering the loss of a great love from death or divorce or a hideous breakup? Valentine’s Day, in that case, is just a f*@£ed up reminder of what you don’t have. So we decided to seek out ways to make it feel just a wee bit better: Here, massage therapy for broken hearts, from Kasia of In Motion mobile massage. We have all been there, and as bad as it is, suffering is never in vain if you find what it’s there to teach.

Why Massage Helps

“Being a masseuse and going through a breakup myself, I’ve discovered that massage sessions at my place are turning out to be a “heart saver.” Not only has my tense body (carrying the stress of my recent breakup) benefited from releasing knots, but also my mind has slowed down, and my thinking has become clearer. During and after my massages, I feel deeply relaxed and my breathing becomes more stable. My circulation improves and I feel renewed. My serotonin (happy hormones) level has increased (as it usually does with a good massage). Most of all, I find myself feeling nurtured and content due to Oxytocin (Love hormone) being released, all thanks to the caring hands of my therapist. Overall a very good feeling has returned (in my mind and in my body) and being single on Valentine’s Day does not seem like it’s going to be an issue.”