The Goop Holiday Survival Guide

The Goop Holiday Survival Guide

Regardless of how well-equipped you may be, the holidays—particularly when you have little ones—are pretty impossible to fully prepare for. So we asked some of our favorite creatives for a list of their holiday survival tips, assembled some of our standby crowd-pleasing breakfast recipes, compiled a holiday playlist that sets the mood (but won’t drive you crazy), found the best apps for kids that won’t make you feel guilty for iPad time, and tapped Netflix Streaming for pinch-hit hits. And most importantly: We’ve partnered with Boxed—a wholesaler that miraculously sells in bulk online—on a goop-curated box of goodies to fit every need, from AA batteries for new toys, to vats of Advil, coconut flour, and olive oil. The best part? We’re giving away 3 goop x Boxed boxes—complete with a Sonos Play speaker, a gold Doma serving set, and a signed copy of My Father’s Daughter. For a chance to win simply use PayPal at checkout when you purchase on , from now through December 19.

Holiday Survival Tips

(Have some holiday survival tips and tricks? We want to hear them @goop #goopholidaysurvival)

Crowd-Pleasing Holiday Greakfasts

  • Coconut Flour Pancakes

    Coconut Flour Pancakes

    We love these gluten dairy-free pancakes so much, they’ve replaced the originals in our kitchen.

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  • Kale quinoa breakfast bowl

    Kale Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

    The dried Aleppo pepper makes this hearty breakfast dish, adding depth and a lot of spice.

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  • Kale/Coconut Smoothie

    Kale & Coconut Smoothie

    Mango, banana and coconut water make this healthy kale-infused smoothie go down easy.

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  • Holiday Spice Hemp Powder Smoothie

    Holiday Spice Hemp Powder Smoothie

    Cinnamon and cardamom combined with banana make this a wintry and satisfyingly sweet drink.

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  • Guilt-Free Apps to Keep Kids Occupied

    Guilt-Free Apps to Keep Kids Entertained

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  • Holiday Playlist

    A Holiday Playlist That Won’t Drive You Nuts

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  • A Short List to the Best of Netflix Streaming

    We Curate Movies on Netflix Streaming

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