The Best Kid Clothing Lines

Written by: the Editors of goop


Updated on: June 29, 2015

Ah, those golden years when your little ones actually let you dictate what they’re going to wear. In celebration, we rounded up our favorite clothing brands, both staples and new discoveries—that hit that venn diagram of appeasing both adults and kids.

For the Comme des Garçons fan…


This Swedish line revolves around simple shapes—but that’s where the minimalism ends. Quirky prints (confetti, raccoons, diamonds) and bright colors are mainstays. As a bonus, everything in the line is unisex, and it’s 100% organic, too. Ages: 3 Months-6 Years

For the Coachella lover…

Mini & Maximus

Screen-printed, hand-drawn illustrations on eco-friendly materials (bamboo, organic cotton, water soluble ink) are mainstays here—that, and artist collaborations, which keep this California brand fresh. Ages: Baby-12 Years

For the fashion editor in training…


The picks here are achingly cute and fashion-forward, thanks to interesting details and cuts that are reminiscent of Zara’s line for grown-ups. To be predicted, the prices are kind to wallets, too. Ages: Baby-14 Years

For the Isabel Marant lover…

Anaïs and I

Launched by an architect who wanted to make cool clothing for kids that wouldn’t hold them back on the playground, this New York City-based label does just that: You’ll find lots of cute (and supremely washable) shorts, t-shirts, and pinafores. Ages: Baby-16 Years

For the budding musician…


Here, you’ll find any number of iconic concert tees for the tween set—no bother that they were born too late to enjoy any of the bands on tour. Ages: 2 Years-16 Years

For the young Supreme set…


Surf, skate, and street-culture inspired, Munster (and its coordinating Mini Munster line for really little ones) is predicated on the idea that if the themes are kid-friendly, and the shapes are compelling to adults, it works out well for everyone. Ages: Baby-14 Years

For the French-obsessed…


Sure, you’ll grimace every time your kid heads for a muddy soccer field, but the pieces from this iconic French brand are so well-made and so sweet, you kind of have to shake it off: They’re heirlooms. Ages: Baby-12 Years

For the future gallerist…

soft gallery

Based out of Copenhagen, the prints and embroideries are done via artist commissions, meaning that every piece feels special and one-of-a-kind. Ages: Baby-14 Years

For the boarding school betrothed…


Everything at J.Crew’s crewcuts is so cute it hurts, from the perfect, pint-sized striped tees, to the corduroys and tulle skirts. Bright colors prevail. They also do great swim for all ages. Ages: Baby-14 Years

For the stylish environmentalist…

nico nico

Pre-baby, Sue Tsai was a stylist and designer—and then she had Nico, and decided to turn her creative energies toward a kids line from organic materials that’s nicely priced, too.  As an awesome bonus, it’s all made in the USA. Ages: 18 Months-12 Years

For the classic set…

old navy

Much like its BabyGap brethren, this much-loved brand really nails it in the kid’s department, from camo tees, to basic cardigans, to jeans that wear really well. In our experience, it’s always a winner with little ones—and the incredible prices don’t hurt either. Ages: Baby-Adult

For the brights-inclined toddler…


While Boden has bigger kid (and adult) lines, they really shine when it comes to the under 4 set: Their contrasting trim onesies last forever, and their star-dotted full-body bathing suits make time at the beach stress-free. They also have great pajamas. Ages: Baby-16 Years

For the future Brooklyn resident…


The focus here is on organic underwear and thermals that have a European feel—it’s a little luxurious, a little utilitarian, and all unisex. Ages: Baby-14 Years

For the stylish minimalist…

By boy and Girl

This California line is so well done, you’ll wish they made their cut-off sweat shorts and paper-thin t-shirts in adult sizes, too. It has a simple, beachy sensibility, reinforced by the fact that all the clothing is luxuriously soft. Ages: 2 Years-12 Years

For the mini

Caramel Baby
& Child

This London-based brand manages to nail that laid-back English aesthetic in a way that’s not too prim or precious. Ages: Baby-10 Years

For the quirky hipster…

mini rodini

Not only is this oddball line really, really cute, but it’s well-made too, meaning these are the sort of leggings and tees you can wash hundreds of times with no sign of wear. Ages: Baby-12 Years

Kid-Pleasing Shoes


Lock your wallets in the car.

  • ThumbelineThumbeline

    Though the edit is tight, this online-only enterprise from L.A. hits all the bases: You’ll find ballet-inspired dresses from Tutu du Monde to grizzly bear bedecked pajamas from Popupshop.

  • FawnshoppeFawnshoppe

    Beyond an encyclopedic selection of really good lines—Makie, Aden and Anais, Flora and Henri, Stella McCartney, Noe & Zoe—Fawnshoppe also has a well-edited selection of really beautiful toys, room décor, and party supplies.

  • Sweet WilliamSweet William

    There are now three outposts of this beloved kid’s boutique (Brooklyn, Manhattan, and L.A.’s Silverlake), and it’s easy to understand why: The selection is fun, bright, and comfortable, as evidenced by the Bobo Choses sweatshirts and Sundek board shorts.

  • EggyEggy

    Located smack in the middle of Third Street, Eggy is the sort of place where you enter looking for a gift, and leave with a whole pint-sized wardrobe. They have a deep selection of lines—as evidenced by the online array—including lots of options for harder-to-fit sizes. Case in point: They carry the Japanese line Bitz Kids, which is great for skinny toddlers.

  • Shan & ToadShan & Toad

    Most of the brands at the online mainstay are hard-to-find and European, though the buy matches a wide range of aesthetics, from minimalists, to those more inclined to play dress-up (in fact, a whole section of the site is dedicated to the past-time).