Parasol: The Cutest New (Eco) Diaper Company

It’s pretty exciting that all innovation in diapering keeps pushing the movement toward more environmentally friendly (and cuter) options. After all, it’s one of those necessary evils where there is no clear winner outside of trying to potty train early: Cloth diapers require a huge amount of water to keep clean; disposables never biodegrade. While we’re not fully there, there’s another player in the space making latex-free diapers that also happen to be soft, thin, and adorable. Parasol partners with artists on unisex, graphic designs that are more cute than cutesy—and did we mention that they’re incredibly soft? What might be even better are the wipes, loaded with aloe, vitamin e, chamomile, and cucumber for scent (no fragrance, no petroleum products, no phthalates). And while they offer a subscription, you can order everything a la carte, too, including the travel packs of wipes for easy purse stashing.