Essentials for a New Baby

Here are a few of the practical things you’ll find incredibly handy in the first year.


Organic Soft Toys

You never know what the Number 1 favorite toy is going to be but both Under The Nile’s Fruit and Vegetable Toys and Sage Baby’s Organic Baby Blanket Friends are serious contenders. They’re made from organic cotton so they make safe companions for sleeping, playing, and chewing.

Note: Once your child chooses its favorite toy, be sure to buy duplicates to avoid a crisis when and if the prized toy gets lost or left behind!



A ridiculously cute eco-friendly diaper system. Choose one or two outer layer diapers that you can use over and over again and then replace the inner layer with biodegradable refills or washable cloth inserts (both viable eco options). The diapers come in lots of great colors and patterns.


Dr. Brown’s Bottles

These bottles are BPA, PVC, lead and pthalate-free (so nothing to worry about there!), and were developed specifically to help reduce colic and burping through a vent and vacuum system within the bottle. Dr. Brown’s also makes glass bottles.


Braun Thermometer

You’ll find that you’ll want this on hand pretty constantly to identify whether your baby has a fever or not, i.e. whether you need to worry or not. It measures the heat generated in the ear and tells temperatures in seconds. It’s non-invasive so there’s a minimum of discomfort for your baby.


BabyKicks Duz-it-alls

You will need to have LOTS of cloths on hand at all times—for feeding and burping, and for drool, spit up, and all the general spillage that comes with. These are super soft, absorbent and made with organic cotton and hemp.


Under the Nile’s Side Snap Onesies

This is another item to stock up on as side snaps are much easier to put on a squirming baby than regular onesies that you have to slip over your baby’s head. Under the Nile’s onesies are made with organic cotton.


ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier

Designed to be super comfortable and ergonomic (as the name suggests), ergobaby has the added benefit of offering baby carriers made with organic cotton twill and sateen.