Brilliant Pregnancy Idea

(That even the non-pregnant among us loved.)

In place of the inevitable, sometimes-nausea-inducing enormous pregnancy-vitamin pills comes a decidedly appealing biscuit called Erzo. So appealing, in fact, that when a box of them arrived at our New York offices, they were consumed quickly by a group of 100% not-pregnant goop staffers. Mildly flavored with yogurt and strawberries and crunchily satisying, the biscuits were dreamt up by the geniuses who came up with the BluePrint Cleanse, Erica Huss and Zoe Sakoutis, who noted that pregnancy vitamins are both hard to swallow and easy to forget. Their brilliant solution, on the other hand, provides the same essential vitamins and is seriously tasty. (That said, definitely speak with your doctor before giving up pre-natals!)