6 New-Mom Apps for Tackling the First 6 Months

Written by: the Editors of goop


Updated on: November 14, 2022


It could be the parent-friendly work environment, or maybe something really is in the water, but we’re deep in a goop baby boom, with a handful of mamas caring for littles under eighteen months—and that’s not counting the older kiddos and those that are coming soon. Thankfully, now more than ever, postpartum wellness is getting the attention it deserves (see this all-time favorite piece on postnatal depletion, this one on sleep deprivation, and this one on healing the mother wound). These goop-mom-approved apps address needs that while seemingly minor in comparison, make the first six months (and beyond) a little bit less overwhelming.

  • Any new mom will tell you that it’s surprisingly easy to turn into a hermit when navigating the rocky newborn waters: hormone-spiked everything-that-could-go-wrong scenarios can get the best of even the most fearless among us. Servicing many major cities, this geo-targeted app locates vetted family-friendly activities, restaurants, parks, etc. closest to you (super helpful if traveling with babe in tow), so you can get out of the house (almost) worry-free.

  • Dr. Karp, aka the baby whisperer, came up with these soothing white-noise sounds to mimic what babies hear inside the womb—all are great, though we’ve found the hairdryer to be particularly effective. Snoo, Dr. Karp’s smart basinet, performs three out of five of his baby-soothing 5 S’s and comes with an app so you can control it without getting out of bed. Brilliant.

  • If you weren’t into mindfulness and meditation pre-baby, the first few months of parenthood are a great time to start. Headspace’s beautifully designed app gently guides users through hyper-targeted meditations (motivation, pregnancy, patience, balance…), you just have to complete the foundation levels first—sort of like mindfulness boot camp. Save the mini-meditations aimed specifically at toddlers for later.

  • Because mommy-and-me groups aren’t for everyone, this adorable mommy meet-up app (the swipe-up-to-wave situation is not unlike Tinder, in the best possible way) allows women to create a likeminded community in their own neighborhoods and socialize on their own terms.

  • Amazon is great and all, but more often than not, you need those wipes/diapers/Doritos like, right now. You make your list, and Instacart sends personal grocery shoppers to a local store of your choice, then has your bags delivered to your door within hours—sometimes even faster than that. Also great: You can send a week’s supply of the basics (we found peanut butter, coconut water, clementines, and vegan oatmeal cookies to be universally crowd-pleasing) to new-parent pals—they’ll be so grateful.

  • For analytics junkies, Glow Baby keeps track of sleep stretches, feedings, diaper contents, and pumping sessions, then drops the info into a daily calendar so you can easily ID patterns in your baby’s schedule. We found the nursing timer to be especially handy when getting into the swing of breastfeeding.