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Tools for Quick, Calming Midday Breaks

Created with Clover Sonoma

Relaxation techniques tend to get relegated to nighttime routines. It makes sense—stress can make for poor sleep, so you want to try to calm yourself before your head hits the pillow. But sometimes a moment of quiet in the middle of your busy day can be a much-needed respite. Lately we’ve been trying to incorporate small, meaningful practices to help us stay centered throughout the day. Just knowing that there are easy ways to embrace a few moments of relaxation amid the daily grind gives us a little sense of relief.

Fill Your Cup

A fun bev is the perfect excuse for a midday break. Clover Sonoma’s new organic Moon Milks are formulated with soothing herbs and spices, making them a delicious form of self-care. These versatile milks can be used to doctor smoothies and breakfast bowls, but we happen to enjoy them as is. The golden ginger-turmeric blend is delightful served over ice, and the blueberry-lavender flavor is lovely warmed up.

  1. Clover Sonoma Golden Moon Milk Organic Turmeric Ginger Flavored 2% Reduced Fat Milk
    Clover Sonoma Golden Moon Milk Organic Turmeric Ginger Flavored 2% Reduced Fat Milk
  2. Clover Sonoma Blue Moon Milk Organic Blueberry Lavender Flavored 2% Reduced Fat Milk
    Clover Sonoma Blue Moon Milk Organic Blueberry Lavender Flavored 2% Reduced Fat Milk

Find Your Light

Our circadian rhythm—our body’s internal clock—can be disrupted by a lot of lifestyle factors. Time changes, blue-light exposure, and excessive caffeine consumption are some of the big culprits. Spending most of your day indoors can also disrupt your circadian rhythm, which can be hard to get around if you work from home or clock long hours in an office. The Skyview lamp can help support your circadian rhythm by cycling through different lighting modes—promoting alertness during the day, then switching to a more calming sunset lighting to help you transition out of productivity mode and into the evening.

  1. Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp
    BIOS Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp goop, $750

Smell the Roses

Aromatherapy is a great way to add calm to a situation without bringing your day to a screeching halt. Answering emails and folding laundry might suddenly feel a lot more serene when you’re surrounded by the calming scents of lavender and vetiver.

  1. vitruvi x goop goop-Exclusive Stone Diffuser
    vitruvi x goop goop-Exclusive Stone Diffuser goop, $119
  2. vitruvi Unwind Kit
    vitruvi Unwind Kit goop, $54

Change Your Tune

The high frequency tones of a tuning fork can be felt vibrating through your body. Some describe it as a feeling of harmony or balance. This set is compact and takes only a moment to use—a welcome reset to help you push through the day.

  1. KonMari Tuning Fork and Clear Quartz Crystal
    KonMari Tuning Fork & Clear Quartz Crystal goop, $75

Stick Your Neck Out

The clay beads in this neck wrap help mimic deep-pressure touch, soothing those aches from craning over your phone or computer. It can go hot or cold—a few minutes in the microwave or freezer will do the trick. It’s an instant pick-me-up.

  1. Ostrichpillow Heated Neck Wrap
    Ostrichpillow Heated Neck Wrap goop, $45

Breathe Easier

If you’re looking for something quick that requires no special equipment, try a breathwork session. This 15-minute session from breathwork practitioner and Black Girls Breathing founder Jasmine Marie is calming but still feels active, alive, and intentional.

Hold That Thought

If you’re new to meditation, engaging multiple senses at once can help, especially if your mind tends to wander. The BEL candle is scented with lavender, sage, and palo santo, and it’s designed to be used with brass pins, which help you visually track time. Press the pins along the side of the candle. As it burns, the wax melts, releasing the brass pins. One by one, each pin makes a gentle, resonant ding as it hits the brass base.

  1. 3rd Ritual BEL Candle Set
    3rd Ritual BEL Candle Set goop, $175

Play Your Cards

Sometimes a little encouragement can go a long way. This deck of cards is convenient to have on hand and has actionable advice for instances of unease and overwhelm. Each card has a mantra on one side and a short self-care or mindfulness practice on the other. Pull a single card if you need a moment to reflect, or pull a few to help you set a bigger intention.

  1. Chronicle Books Calm the Chaos Cards
    Chronicle Books Calm the Chaos Cards goop, $19